15 Stunning Grey Living Rooms (2017) Ideas Complete With Pictures

(updated in 2017) Grey living room ideas are increasingly being appreciated by home owners and interior designers for the warmth, sophistication and glamour.

Here are the reasons why grey is replacing beige and white as the ‘new neutral’ in many homes.

Grey and White Form a Telling Color Combination

Having a combination of grey and white living room give home owners the flexibility to experiment white color which gives your living room an opulent look.

You can easily bring in white chairs, white leather sofa sets and such similar furniture pieces.

Grey Comes In A Variety Of Shades

Do you like the darker variation of gray or would you rather install the light and silver variation of gray? Whatever your preferred style, whether is choosing wallpaper or grey wall paint, you are bound to find one that fits your style. There is even the charcoal grey for those who like the very dark variations.

Grey Forms An Ideal Backdrop For Intense Color Accents

Many home owners are increasingly favoring bold colors on furniture installed in their living rooms. To create the ideal backdrop, many home owners result to using gray theme for an enticing space.

Here at HomelyVista, we have presented several living rooms with a bold gray design complete with the stunning grey living room pictures.

Grey Gives Your Living A Formal And Stylish Design

Grey can surely be a tricky color but if balanced rightly, it can turn any space into a beautiful and lively area. Incorporating focal points such as a zebra rug would give the room a formal yet stylish outlook.

So, what factors should you mind when designing a grey living room?

1. Color of accessories

What color are furniture and other accessories in the room? Before you settle for a given shade of grey, ascertain that the theme will rhyme seamlessly with the color of the accessories.

The resulting mix grey living room furniture and overall theme should not only match but also create a welcoming environment.

2. Room size

A great décor should make a small living room seem more spacious and airy. Before install the theme, think beforehand how you can make the room seem welcoming and relaxing to the occupants. Using a focal point, for instance, makes the room spacious.

3. Texture and pattern

Using silky curtains, woven gray wallpapers will give your living room a dose of fineness. You can accentuate the theme with items such as throw pillows, fuchsia headboard and other attractive accessories.

4. Cost and maintenance

Every theme has a price tag attached. This means you be considerate on the financial dent you are willing to suffer in your bid to enjoy your theme of choice. Choose a shade or theme combination that gives you joy and is easy to maintain in the long run.


Here are the 15 stunning grey living rooms that you should consider getting for your dream home!

Living Room Idea 1

A grey sofa takes center stage in this living room idea. Modern grey wallpaper forms the perfect backdrop for the shelves which you can place the items that you want your guests to see.

Create a subtle grey and white living room by using accessories like a white lamp and white table to complement the grey wall and dark grey carpet.

Stylish dark colored chairs with unique curves adds to the modernity of this amazing living room.

Living Room Idea 2

Opt for a different feel with this grey and white living room that is designed with the strong contrasting in mind.

An off white wall is the main color theme, however, your desire for grey is not missed. The clever use of grey living room sets from the grey sofa to the grey TV console lets you leverage on this classy color.

Choose a ceiling light with grey overhead and you can be assured of a modern living room from top to bottom!

Living Room Idea 3

Opt for a different feel with this grey and white living room that is designed with the strong contrasting in mind.

An off white wall is the main color theme, however, your desire for grey is not missed. The clever use of grey living room sets from the grey sofa to the grey TV console lets you leverage on this classy color.

Choose a ceiling light with grey overhead and you can be assured of a modern living room from top to bottom! A grey color scheme is also a popular choice of color for contemporary bedroom decorating ideas or cool man caves.

Living Room Idea 4

A living room is an important space in your house which you can exhibit your personality. This design is for the bold, self-assured and creative individuals.

The most eye-catching aspect is definitely the textured grey wall – alluring and unique, it gives different perception when you view it from different angle.

Using highly contrasting furniture like yellow cushion and white chair, and a geometric patterned carpet, you get an audacious combination which makes your grey and yellow living room stand out from the rest. Using bright cushion is also an awesome cool room decor idea!

Living Room Idea 5

Grey living room set is the main focus of this room that helps to set the theme of this contemporary looking living room.

Comfortable dark grey couch and a matching grey carpet in the living room is set against a white wall and ceiling. The beautiful distinction is enhanced by the wooden floor that gives the grey and white living room a classic feel.

Modern lighting makes your main room even more enticing and inviting.

Check out our bathroom tile ideas article which also feature the use of grey theme in the bathroom.

Living Room Idea 6

A gray room that is designed in a way that it is welcoming, relaxing and generally comfortable for your guests and family members.

A textured grey wall offers a solid backdrop which is decorated with an off white framed mirror that gives your room an illusion of extra space, a useful accessory if you have a small living room space to work with.

White couch paired with various shades of grey cushion offers a pleasing combination to the eyes. In addition, the white carpet against a parquet floor gives an exquisite contrast.

This beautiful grey and white living room is surely a design idea you should consider!

Living Room Idea 7

The most noteworthy aspect of this living room has to be the creative use a daring grey wallpaper featuring a brick like pattern that is special and bold. This gainsboro tone of grey with the distinctive pattern will be a conversational starter when your friends and relatives visit your home.

The grey theme is further elaborated with the medium grey flooring that uses straight and diagonal line patterns to a maximum gorgeous effect.

Living Room Idea 8

A recommended method to make a small living room appear bigger is to create a large center piece that will draw the attention to.

In this grey wall living room, the large medium grey protruded wall that has a granite like pattern is the focal point of the interior. Solid looking and endearing, it forms the ideal backdrop for you to place the other matching accessories.

Choose a gunmetal tone of sofa and tall standing exceptional lamp to create a unique looking living room that you can be proud of.

Living Room Idea 9

If you have an open kitchen and prefer a seamless decoration and grey theme for both the living room and kitchen, then this living room concept is worth looking at.

The consistent use of grey living room and kitchen furniture makes your entire living space appears bigger.

The grey lounge and kitchen island gives you an efficient use of space while your guests can gather around the bar top counter for relaxation.

Living Room Idea 10

While not exactly a grey and brown living room, the light tone of brown wall will appeal to the homeowner who seeks this special color combination of grey and brown.

Choosing a light brown for the wall is a good option to match your grey furniture in the living room.

To further spruce up the room, add a pale grey woolly carpet for both comfort and decorative purpose.

Living Room Idea 11

For this room idea, it strives to install a calming and uplifting environment accentuated with dazzling grey shades both in the backdrop and foreground to create the ultimate grey and white living room.

Dim grey classic looking sofa and a large grey rug, placed on top of a medium grey textured flooring offers a strong emphasis of this exquisite looking color.

To add some fun to the living room, include an artificial plant or an indoor plant to add a sense of life amidst the different tones of grey.

Living Room Idea 12

Suitable for a small living room, this idea makes use of red and leverages on the gray color theme to create an enticing living in your small space.

One of the popular way of making your small living room appear larger is to place a large carpet on in the middle of the interior. In this example, a dark medium gray carpet fills up most of the floor area to create an illusion of space.

A comfortable red chair stands out from the rest of the furniture and helps to create the focal point of the main area.

Living Room Idea 13

Beyond the hospitality functionalities of a living room, the color of your living room sets the tone for the rest of your humble aboard.

In this idea lies a creative and playful mix of colors, with the grey furniture and blue rug offering a less common combination which appeals to the homeowner who likes to be different from the rest.

The brown door and TV console give another dimension to the room while the large oval ceiling lights adds a touch of modernity.

This is a grey and brown living room idea that a person with daring personality should consider!

Living Room Idea 14

A subtle grey and white living room that mainly utilizes the grey furniture to bring out the theme.

The main observation is the white walls and brown wooden flooring which offer a pleasant and calming visual effect.

The gray style in this room, as shown in the picture, comes from the grey couch and grey and black cushion. Suitable for those who prefer just a mild grey tone while still retaining this modern and formal color.

Living Room Idea 15

White is the overwhelming color in this idea – we have included it in our example as it is provides a useful head start for those who are mulling on installing a classy grey theme for their living room but still have some reservation on how to best utilize it without becoming overbearing.

This idea makes use of dark grey sofa and a light grey ottoman couch to add this contemporary color to your living room.

While still retaining the “safe” white color, you will get the desired style you like without comprising too much.

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