12 Most Beautiful (2017) Bathroom Tile Ideas With Pictures

(updated in 2017) Finding excellent bathroom tile ideas is important because the bathroom is a special and significant part of your home. Hence it needs to be decorated and built in a distinctive way.

The bathroom or shower room is a place where you spend time in a relaxed manner. Hence, it will be most appropriate that the bathroom tile design is created in such a way that it is conducive while reflecting your personality and preference.

Here at Homely Vista, we show you several beautiful types of flooring and wall tile ideas for your bathroom, complete with the high resolution bathroom tile pictures, to give it the look, feel and soul that you want and make it a lively place to be and spend your time in comfort and convenience.

Grey Tile Design


Grey bathroom tiles give the home owners the ease to match with the white bath tub. Grey and white together form an expressive color grouping that makes the bathroom relaxing.

In addition, the different gray shades that you can use for the wall tiles lets you come out with unique combination while exuding an opulent look.

Grey has been used in many modern bathroom tiles and also has become a popular choice of color for modern grey living room ideas.

Red and White Tile Idea

This modern bathroom tiles combination is a color scheme that expresses a bold and daring personality and this adds more vividness to your bathroom and can be used to accentuate any type of wall and room décor by using different shades of these colors and bring a whole new visual effect to your bathroom.

This is also a suitable bathroom tiles idea for small bathrooms as the vivid combination makes your small bathroom look bigger than it is by the use of the right patterns of the red and white bathroom floor tiles. The red theme can also be incorporated in your bathroom organization ideas.

Retro Tile Idea

The traditional range of retro bathroom tiles is available in square, rectangular or hexagon shapes and come with patterns that look like pictures of puzzles.

They are presented in various colors so that you can choose the one that agrees with the overall décor of your home. They are available in many textures to satisfy your special tastes and needs.

The ceramic retro and antique looking bathroom tiles are most popular as they are strong, sturdy and last for a life time without losing the original sheen and design even after many years of continuous use and abuse.

A unique looking bathroom shower tile idea for those homeowners seeking a nostalgic feeling. There are several other rooms in your home like man cave which you can consider these kind of special nostalgic theme. Even your kitchen cabinet ideas can include a retro concept!

Blue and White Tile Idea

The blue and grey combination is a good tiles design for bathroom with blue signifying the aqua theme is the perfect color shade for your bathroom.

This is one of the most modern and trendy twin color combination for your bathroom tile design with a variety of design ideas perfectly blending these two colors. Attractive design ideas can be executed with some innovative thinking.

Modern Shades of White Tile Design

White color is the symbol of purity and cleanliness and hence it is the color used mainly in bathroom tiles in most of the traditionally designed bathrooms.

Now with the advancements in tiles designs and manufacturing technology there is a wide range of tiles in all possible materials and textures with various shades of white.

In the present day modern bathroom tile design perspective, it is possible to have an awe inspiring and stunning bathroom floor by the innovative use of the modern shades of white.

White bathroom tiles are the perfect choice for a simplistic yet trendy and modern bathroom when you do not want to have a cluttered feel of having different colors in your bathroom. White also complements your bathroom storage ideas as its neutrality allows easy color matching.

Brown Marble Tile Idea

When you have decided to go for marble bathroom tiles for your bathroom, then using brown marble will add a special uniqueness to your bathroom.

This is one of the best materials since the ancient days of human civilization as marble is the medium of construction for many of the arts and architecture since the days of the ancient centuries.

Brown marble is very smooth to look adding that special shade of elegance and luminescence and you will like its cool and pleasant look and modern feel that will last for a long time with little care and maintenance.

White Marble Tile Idea

Marble is a wonderful flooring material that offers the smoothness, subtle color shading with an impeccably wonderful look for the bathroom floor.

There are many shades of marble in white color and the natural grains and lines add to the mysterious charm of the white marble based bathroom floor tile.

This type of white bathroom tile idea is modern and at the same time it gives a traditional vintage look adding to a luxurious feel to your bathrooms. If your kitchen island also uses white marble, then this bathroom design is the best complement to your kitchen!

Shades of Dark Blue Tile Design

The basic color of blue is pleasant to look at and by having your bathroom floor and wall made of blue colored floor tiles you are adding to the pleasant look and feel to your bathroom.

There are various shades of blue colored tiles in different patterns, textures, styles that can be used in perfect combination to bring about a complete change in the look and feel of the bathroom.

The best advantage of the blue colored bathroom tiles is that this can be easily merged with any decorative scheme and it will seamlessly assemble with any look and have its own elegant, upscale look and feel while highlighting the area it is used in.

Blue is often used also in boys bedroom design concepts.

Bright Blue Tile Idea

Impress and surprise your guests with a bright blue tile design for your shower room.

Resembling the tranquillity of the sea in a tropical island as shown in the bathroom tile picture, you or your guests will be immersed in a serene blue of calmness while feeling de-stressed.

In addition, as the tile color is bright, it helps to create a illusion of space, making this a suitable small bathroom tiles idea too.

Checkered Tile Design

When you want to have a geometrically oriented design for your bathroom tile patterns then checkered design is a option you should consider.

This type of design can be used to get any type of look and feel right from the most conservative and traditional antique look to a most modern trendy look.

There are many types of tiles that are designed for checkered design implementation in a variety of patterns and designs and these are good to add a puzzled yet orderly look to your bathroom.

Most of the times white and grey or white with black or combinations of other matching colors are used in the checkered design to get that unique look for highlighting your tile design.

Large Square Tile With Natural Stone Textured Pattern

Consider this bathroom tile idea if you want to recreate the luxurious looking bathroom that is commonly found in 5 star hotels.

A combination of expensive looking large tiles accentuated with intricate natural stone textured pattern gives you a spectacular bathroom that immediately gives you and your visitors a wow factor.

Bottom Line

With our recommendation, we hope you need not have to feel limited while thinking of the tile design for the wall and the floor of your bathroom.

Use our ideas as reference and set loose your imagination and look around to get inspired for the best bathroom floor designed to get that special and unique look to your bathroom.

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