Most Effective and Creative (2017) Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Searching for Ways to Decorate Your Small Living Room?

Homely Vista(updated in 2017) Styling out ideas for small living room presents a plethora of challenges as you have to strike a balance between squeezing in the furniture and making the room feel as spacious as possible.

But as the living room is the place you will probably spend a lot of time with friends and family members, you have no option but to find a befitting decorating style that not only matches your personal style but also makes this space welcoming and relaxing in every sense.

This guide highlights the essentials living room ideas for small spaces to set up your small abode into an adorable space by applying some simple tweaks.

At Homely Vista, have categorize our ideas, complete with the various small living room pictures, into the following sections. Click on the link to bring you straight to the section!

Furniture For Small Living Room
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Furniture For Small Living Room

Sofa Armchair Organiser- Keeps Living Room Clutter Free

Small Living Room Sofa Armchair Organizer

Having a sofa armchair organiser is a great way to keep your living room organised, without taking up much space. The sofa armchair organiser can keep your TV remote controls, reading glasses, reading materials and phone and other portable devices neatly in one place and within easy reach.

Some sofa armchair organisers have pockets dedicated for snacks and drinks, so that you can munch on your favourites, while enjoying your TV shows.

Most sofa armchair organisers even have a convenient flat tray top for you to place your snacks and drinks. This is extremely handy if your living room does not have space for a snack or coffee table.

Most sofa armchair organisers come in neutral colours, like black, brown or beige, hence you will be able to find one that matches your current sofa.

For some who prefer to place the organiser in between the sofa, the cupsy sofa and couch armchair drink organizer is more suitable choice. It is also available in different colours, including lime and bright orange to add a pop to your living room.

Certainly a must-have as part of your living room idea for small spaces!

Colourful Furniture – Add a Pop of Colour to your Living Room and Make Small Space Visibly Larger

Colorful Furniture for Small Living Room

It is important to choose the right colour for your furniture pieces to make the room appear bigger and livelier. Placing furniture pieces which are bright and colourful will not only spruce up the living room, it will also create a cheerful and happy ambience.

Bright green sofa with colorful cushions for Small Living RoomAdding some pops of colours to your living room, especially in a neutral setting, creates a nice balance in the overall living room décor.
Placing multifunctional coffee table like these are fantastic, as they can be easily shifted around, to serve your purpose for the specific occasion. For example, it can be your side table for everyday use.

On special occasions when you need more seats, this can double up as your stool or tea table. On its own, this fun and vibrant piece of furniture can also be a décor for your living room.

Another plus point about having these round iron table is that you will hurt your knees when you shift them around.

We recommend iron round table as the material and design are suitable for small modern living room. A colorful furniture is also a useful idea to decorate a contemporary bedroom.

Blue sofa for small living room
Bright Furniture For Small Living Room

Corner Shelf – Makes Full Use of Available Spaces

Corner Shelf for Tight Living Room

Corner Shelf for Small Spaces in Living RoomOne of the often ignored area in any room is the corner. The corner, if used properly, can give your small living room additional space to display or keep your items.

And the best part of using this 90-degree space is that it does not occupy the common area of your living room, thus leaving you to explore other decorating ideas for the main part of this common room of the house.

The corner shelf gives you the most optimal furniture for a small living room. Choose one that is tall with several shelves to give you the much needed extra space. These shelves let you showcase items like your photographs, ornaments and books.

You will like the extra space created from the shelves that leaves little footprint in your house. The corner shelf can also be used as a storage idea for small bathroom.


Multi-functional Table Or Cricket Table – All in One Coffee Table, Side Table, Laptop Table, End Table and More

Multi-functional Table_Furniture for Small Spaces Living Room

Among the most innovative furniture for small living room, a multi-purpose table set or cricket table set is the perfect solution if you have limited space in your home.

Getting this table set, which is made up of 3 pieces, lets you come out with various combinations to make full use of the limited space.

Multi-functional Cricket Table For Small Living RoomIts versatility is exemplified by the different heights of each table, with the tallest suitable as a working table to place your laptop or writing materials.

Besides utilizing it as a work area, the different configuration lets you use the tables as a coffee table, side table and many more as shown in the small living room picture.

At the end of the day, you can simply return the group together to maximise the open space in your living room. Certainly a well-placed and carefully thought-out idea for small living room!

The polished chrome plate steel legs add a modern decorative purpose to your room.

Multi-Shelf Side Table – Compact With Numerous Storage

Small Living Room Furniture Multi Shelf Side Table

A side table or end table with open multi-shelves is an excellent modern living room idea for small spaces. A side table is ideal for placing items that are often used when you are sitting on your favorite chair or sofa. These include remote controls and beverages.

We recommend a side table that has multi-shelf. In this way, your side table not only serves as a quick access area from your seat, it also doubles up as a useful storage area.

You will be able to maximize space as you can keep various items like books, your favorite decorations, electronic accessories and more. As it flanks your sofa or couch, its compactness lets you make the most of the limited space.

By selecting a side table with a design that complement your house theme, it also helps to further decorate your small living room. This highly useful furniture can be used for other space scarce rooms like a small man cave.

Room Divider – Practical with Storage Space

Room Divider Furniture For Small Living Room

A room divider is an essential aspect to consider for your small living room design ideas. They help to ingeniously create “a room with a room”, thus enabling you to use your small space more efficiently.

Also, the divider is more affordable than asking a designer to come out with a permanent fixed partition that will incur other expenses like design and installation costs.

To make room divider more practical, we recommend a divider that also gives you the much needed storage space. Choose one with wide shelves so that you have more options to keep for everyday necessities.

In addition, it should have an open back to give your living room a light and airy appearance.

Room Divider For Small Living Room
Room Divider For Living Room Small Spaces

White Color Display Unit – White Open Shelves to Enhance the Visual Space

White Color Display Furniture For Small Spaces Living Room

For a small living room idea, an important trick is to consider every piece of furniture that you are getting with respect to optimizing the space, whether it is the actual physical space or the visual space.

As color plays an important role in enhancing the visual aspect of your room, choosing light-toned furniture helps to make your living room appear bigger. White furniture is also often used in grey living room as the colors are matching.

For your display unit, we recommend a white finishing as it is also an easy color to match with your other living room decorations.

In addition, a display unit with open shelves not only looks modern but also further create the pleasant illusion of extra space.

White Color Display Unit For Small Living Room

Multi-Functional Side Table – 2-in-1 Coffee Table and Snack Table

Small Living Room Furniture

The table is the essential furniture of the living room, where you and your guests gather around and spend ample time near it. For a house with a limited space in the main room, selecting a table that has ample surface area and yet does not take up much space is a challenge.

In addition, the design has to be inviting so that it can also be part of the decorating idea for your small living room.

As such, we recommend a multi-functional side table that has the ideal area for your snacks and meals, which you can place near to your favorite couch. The design has to be stylish and easily balance the other décor and fittings in the living room.

2 in 1 Coffee Table For Small Spaces Living Room

Portable Lap Desk – Compact and Comfortable

Small Living Room Accessory Portable Lap Desk

For a spatially challenged living room, getting a furniture that serves several purpose while taking up a small amount of space is definitely the most ideal.

With this in mind, when choosing a workstation, you may want to consider a portable lap desk with multi-functional features.

We recommend a portable lap desk that lets you work on your laptop or tablet while giving you easy access to your phone and other important working accessory.

This desk can also double up as your breakfast tray and reading desk to be used not just on your chair, but also in bed, on the floor, recliner car and other circumstances.

With a lap desk, your main room or bedroom will have space to put other essential items like your storage cupboards. Certainly a small space living room furniture to consider!

Storage Ottoman Offers More Than Storage Option. Also Function As A Coffee Table With Serving Trays

Storage Ottoman Useful for Small Living Room

Among the most innovative and sought after living room furniture for small spaces is the storage ottoman.

Besides serving as an extra seating for your living room, the ottoman that we recommend comes with a useful function – serving trays. This means that your ottoman is transformed brilliantly as a coffee table. Each section can be flipped over to place cups and tea pots which allows you to entertain many guests in one sitting.

The storage space lets you keep many of your belongings like DVDs and video games. Being in a central location of your main room, you can keep other items for a quick pickup like your regular magazines and newspapers.

This extremely manageable furniture easily solves your storage problem whether in the front room of your house, bedroom or home office.

The ottoman comes in several shapes, sizes and materials. Choose one that matches pleasantly with your living room theme and it becomes an excellent small living room decorating idea too!

Multi-functional Nesting Table-Side and Lamp Tables

Multi-functional Nesting Table For Living Room Small Spaces

Nesting tables can be incorporated in a small living room design idea as they are cleverly designed to be stacked onto and underneath one another.

Each table has its own legs and rest fully onto the floor, which means that even when they are “stacked” up, you are assured that they are stable and not topple over.

When you do not need to use all the nesting tables, they are tucked in neatly and only occupy a small space. During house visits, you can spread the tables, which usually comes in a set of 3 and they can be utilized as tables to dine off, for leisure purpose such as playing board games or simply for your guests to place their belongings.

Nesting tables with chrome metal legs or transparent table top are especially useful if you are seeking modern living room ideas for small spaces. With an attractive design, they can also be used as lamp tables or decorative display tables.

Multi-functional Nesting Table Furniture For Small Living Room
Multi-functional Nesting Table_Furniture for Small Living Room

Transparent Cocktail/Coffee Table – See-through Design to Make your Living Room Appear Bigger

Transparent CocktailCoffee Table for Small Living Room

If you short on space in your living room, try adding a coffee table with transparent top in the room.

Transparent furniture, when used at the right places strategically, is a great small space living room idea. By letting people see through it, it helps to create an illusion of extra space, thus helping to create the roomy feel without the need to employ expensive interior design tactic to make your room look bigger.

A coffee table is an almost essential furniture in your living room. Making use of this vital furnishing to make your main room appear more spacious is certainly an astute decision.

We recommend transparent coffee table that has a visually pleasant design that will stand out even on its own as it will also provide a stylish solution to your serving needs.

Transparent CocktailCoffee Table Furniture for Small Living Room

Foldable Tray Table Set

Foldable Tray Table Set Furniture Living Room Small Spaces

Folding tables are an excellent solution to the limited space in your room. These tables bring convenience to homeowners for their versatility and compactness.

They come in different materials like plastic, polyethylene and wood. One common specification is that they are lightweight, allowing you to easily move them around in your living room where they are needed.

Best of all, they can be stored away simply after use. Select a foldable tray table that is easy to clean. The common shapes are oval, rectangular and square. Getting a folding table set is certainly a simple but handy furniture idea for small living room.

A foldable tray table can also be considered for boy’s bedroom ideas or ideas for girl’s bedroom if space is also a constraint.

Foldable Tray Table Set Furniture for Small Living Room

Decorative Ornaments And Articles



Having art pieces as a decorating item in your living room is a simple but effective way to improve your home visually. Not only they give your room an aesthetics feel, a visually also acts as a conversation starter when you entertain your guests at home.

Among the different types of art pieces, a piece of painting is certainly among the most appropriate small living room decorating ideas. The most notable benefit is that it does not take up additional floor space in your small space. Also, as it is usually hanged up at around the eye level, it can definitely influence how your living room appears when someone first steps into your living room.

We recommend getting a single large piece of painting, rather than several small painting, as one outstanding large wall painting delivers a more profound visual impact. Selecting one that stands out on its own will make with your living room look more pleasantly spacious.

Adding a beautiful picture is also a cool room decor idea to consider.

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