The Most Clever (2017) And Organized Bathroom Storage Ideas

(updated in 2017) With the modern house getting smaller, including the bathroom, coming out with the best bathroom storage ideas is important.

In the present days, we are pouring more attention to our bathrooms or shower rooms as they too are an important part of your home and the modern way of living puts more stress on them due to the loads of things we need and use while we are in them.

There are innumerable ways to add more storage units to your bathroom yet make it look organized and more convenient to use.

Here at HomelyVista, we present some space saver ideas for comfortable and effective storage and organization ideas for your bathroom:

Compact Cupboard

Use of compact cupboards as bathroom storage furniture is a clever way of increasing the floor storage capacity of your bathroom.

There are many nooks and corners inside your bathroom that is lying empty and a compact bathroom storage can take those spaces and what you get is additional storage drawers to put all those little things in an organized way and get rid of the cluttered look of your bathroom.

A compact cupboard is also a great living room idea for small spaces.

Wall To Ceiling Cabinet As A Tall Bathroom Storage Idea

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Wall to ceiling cabinets are one of the best ways of getting the maximum storage space in your bathroom especially when you are having a very small bathroom.

These types of tall bathroom storage help you organize things better inside your bathroom and the storage drawers can carry lot more things on the small spaces otherwise will be left vacant.

When you have the doors of the cabinets made in a striking way you can make these dull looking part of your bathroom come live and be the highlight of your bathroom.

Wicker Storage Basket

Wicker storage baskets can be effectively used as a simple storage in your bathroom that offers many advantages.

These bathroom free standing storage unit comes in a variety of handcrafted baskets in various size, colour and shape we want and by selecting the right one for your bathroom they can be used as a good and easy storage options as well as a bold decorative element inside your shower room.

In addition, they make great bathroom countertop storage too.

These wicker bathroom storage can be placed at any place and any open shelved area is good for them and the best advantage of them is they are quite affordable and can be moved from one place to another whenever you want.

Make Use Of Space Under The Sink As A Bathroom Floor Storage Idea

Most of the times the space under the sink will be just left vacant and this will be lying waste for the spiders and cockroaches to spoil your bathroom.

With little planning and careful selection of materials you can convert this space under your sink into a good place of storage of small items like shaving products, cosmetic items or those that you use more frequently while using the wash basin.

Use nice-looking and durable materials for this under bathroom sink storage idea. Convert this area into a under basin cabinet and you have your own secret place for your little things.

Multi Level Hand Towel Holder

Towels are an indispensable part of any bathroom and there is a need to use more than one if there are several people sharing the room.

Hence it is necessary to make arrangements for holding more than one towel at a time.

When more than one person of your family is also going to share the bathroom with you then the need for a multi level hand towel holder is a necessity.

Go for the one that is sturdy as well as attractive to look and place the same at the right place in your bathroom and will be able to bring in a new look to your bathroom.

Hidden Toilet Paper Dispenser – Hidden Bathroom Storage

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Having a hidden toilet paper dispenser is a unique idea as you have many places to hide these paper rolls within the easy reach of your toilet seat. This around the toilet storage adds to your convenience as well as saves more space for other things on the walls or other areas in this part of the bathroom.

Use different attractive ways of concealing the toilet paper rolls. Besides storing them conveniently while taking up little extra space, you avoid a crampy look at the most vital place of your bathroom.

Have L-Shaped Cabinet – Excellent Corner Bathroom Storage

When you have empty corners in your bathroom below the sink level or at other places you can go for L-shaped cabinets that can be used for storing big objects like curtain cloths, towels, and other large items that you do not need often.

A cool corner bathroom storage idea, this is also the right place for many of the things that you need on a daily basis and these can be kept at a handy distance, similar to corner kitchen cabinet.

The rest of the items can be stuffed deep inside these cabinets and you can easily take away the scattered things in your home and stuff them inside these big cabinets.

Have Shelves At The Mirror As Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Your mirror occupies a dominant place in your bathroom and it occupies most of the place on a prominent place on its wall. Why not consider a wall mounted bathroom storage unit at the mirror?

A mirror of considerable size on the wall offers many opportunities for installing some good shelves both on the sides as well as on the top and bottom of the mirror.

You will be spending most part of your bathroom time before the mirror and need many things for your hair dressing, skin care, make-up and thus you need many cosmetic and other items within you easy reach.

Creating shelves on and near the mirror as a space saver idea is innovative and gives them the entire place they want and this will also bring in a good look to your bathroom when done right and arranged properly.

Hanging Open Shelves Above The Bath Tub – Smart Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage

In most of the bathrooms the space above the bath tub is often left empty and you must not forget that the bath tub is a single item in your bathroom that is occupying most of the space – if you leave the space above it vacant you are leaving a considerable part of your bathroom lying waste.

You can utilize this area with creative bathroom shelving ideas by installing the right types of hanging open shelves above the bath tub. In the present days we have a variety of options for this so look around and go through many of the bathroom decoration ideas online or offline and you will be on your way to use the extra space above your bath tub in a cool wall storage idea as well as attractive way.

Sliding Door Cabinet

A sliding door cabinet for your bathroom is an ideal organizer idea when you are having a small bathroom, or you want to have a long cabinet with doors.

These sliding door cabinets provides a slim storage unit can be made from a variety of materials matching your decor of the bathroom and you need not have to leave space near them for opening and closing the doors.

Also a suitable over the toilet storage idea, the sliding doors can be made of either glass or other opaque material as per your choice and these types of cabinets are sure to bring in a good and attractive look to your bathroom.

2 Level Wall Cabinets

When you have an entire wall for your storage cabinets you can install 2 level wall cabinets that will add more to the look and feel of the bathroom besides offering more storage for a small bathroom.

Besides considering tiles design for bathroom, do your little homework and you can have a good look of the options available for creating and installing these cabinets in the small spaces. By doing this right you can bring in a complete change of look and feel of your entire bathroom.

Wall To Ceiling Open Shelves, Which Can Double Up As A Divider In Bathroom

If you want to split or divide your bathroom, you can easily get more space by installing suitable wall to ceiling open shelves.

A clever bathroom organizer idea, these shelves are good tall storage for getting vast amounts of storage and by having adjustable shelve plates you can easily accommodate many items in these big shelves.

These types of shelves can be used as a way of bringing structural changes to your bath area and become the real style of modern bathroom storage when you have chosen the right materials and colours.

Hanging Cabinet Above Toilet Bowl As An Above Toilet Storage Idea

Having a hanging cabinet above the toilet bowl is an excellent space saver idea way to store items in the bathroom for a variety of reasons.

First, this over the toilet bathroom storage idea takes advantage of wall space and is a hanging cabinet instead of a vanity which occupies floor space. This frees up a lot of additional room for the rest of your bathroom. Further, usually you can purchase an elegant hanging cabinet which will look nice with the rest of the bathroom.

Hanging cabinets positioned above the toilet also have less depth and are out of the way from foot traffic throughout the kitchen. This around the toilet storage a really great spot to store additional items such as toilet paper or cleaning products.

Cupboard Installed Near A Bathtub – Useful Small Bathroom Storage Idea

Bathrooms tend to be small and to have limited floor space. Therefore, finding additional storage locations throughout the bathroom is always a win. Why not consider installing cupboard near the bathtub?

These cabinets are great small bathroom storage ideas because they can be hidden out of the way, but will store several items you need. This could include towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, extra bathroom toiletries, and more. A great location for your bathroom cupboard ideas to keep items you need but do not need to access everyday.

Hanging Metallic Storage Space That Double As A Bathroom Accessories Idea

Hanging metallic storage spaces are a great option as they also can double as a decorative idea for your bathroom.

The nice elegant finish to the metal will look well throughout the rest of the bathroom. For this extra storage option, consider using it to hold extra toiletries or a journal book.

These are also great because they are hung on a wall and do not occupy floor space, taking advantage of open wall space. Hanging metallic storage spaces are great shower storage ideas for when a picture on the wall may not make sense, but you want to show an occupied wall anyway.

Metallic storage units are also a great grey and white living room idea as it complements the tone well.

Space Saving Multi-Level Bath Towels Rack

Why not consider adding a space saving multi-level bath towel rack to your narrow bathroom? These are great wall mounted storage options to hold multiple towels on one wall in your bathroom.

A great cool alternative to storing the towels in your cabinets would be to use this option. It’s also a nice to piece to add to the wall of your bathroom. It looks clean and also a great shower storage idea.

Storage Cabinet In the Mirror

No bathroom is complete without having a storage cabinet in the mirror. This is quite possibly the most popular and most efficient storage location to easily add to any bathroom.

This small bathroom organization idea is great because it is storage that is out of sight. You can easily access it when standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom as it is just above the sink of your vanity.

It’s perfect for storing those items you need to access and use everyday, such as tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream, razors, mouthwash, dental floss, contact lens solution, hair care products, eyeliner, makeup, and more. This is the simple option as it is very easily accessible for everyone.

Built In Receded Wall for Toiletries

If you have an extra wall in your bathroom, consider modifying it to have an built in receded wall for toiletries. This unique built in storage idea is a great way to store toiletries or other items because it’s out of the way as the wall is receded, providing you with extra bathroom storage.

It’s also easy to access your toiletries as your receded wall will most likely be at waist or higher level. You can easily find what you need with this slim bathroom storage option that is innovative and unusual.