22 Boy’s Most (2017) Amazing Bedroom Ideas

(updated in 2017) We have come out with a list of varied boy’s bedroom ideas as we believe that a conducive and pleasant bedroom is essential for his development.

For a boy, a bedroom is not just a sleeping area. Rather, it’s a space that serves different purposes, right from playing games, to doing homework, and even storing antique collections. Generally, what a boy does in this room is influenced by their specific tastes or interests. The challenge then arises when it comes to decorating your lad’s sleeping area.

Essentially, coming up with a theme that not only mirrors their personality but also grows with them isn’t a simple task. At Homely Vista, we have provided actionable and creative boys bedroom decor ideas that you can reference from.

Here are some of the important points that will help to refresh and make your boy’s sleeping area likeable. Scroll down further if you want to explore our list of boy rooms directly complete with the boy bedroom pictures.

Pay Attention To The Furniture

Decorating a boy’s room does not only mean doing a facelift to the wallpapers and accessories.

Similar to small living room ideas or any other room decoration, the most complete bedroom décor theme also entails investing in robust furniture that will not only last for some years but also complement the rest of the décor. Think of bringing in an elegantly designed nightstand that mirrors the boy’s style, think of a closet painted with cute artworks or even consider bringing in decorative chairs that add flair to your teen’s room.

For every boy’s room idea that we present, we have included the furniture and make it the central item for the rest of the décor to complement it. To assist you with the budget of the room, the estimate price is also shown.

Leverage On Sport-Oriented Themes

Boys are pro-sports and will definitely identify with any décor theme that mirrors their like for a given sport. If your young boy likes ball games, then you should invest in bedding items that closely resemble the game.

For instance, you can buy him a variation of pillows that are shaped as footballs, basketballs, rugby and such. Sports decals, sports-related pictures, and posters also make for a great décor theme for boys.

Wilderness-Based Decor Themes Are Always Great

Accentuating his bedroom with woodsy themed décor is yet another great alternative you should consider. To your advantage, there are numerous décor items that echo the calm but adventurous environment of the woodlands.

You can opt for lake view window murals or alternatively go with bear skin rug for his floor or the striking camping themed lantern lights. The options are simply inexhaustible.

Go For Camouflage Bedding Themes

Camo themes are characteristically unique and attractive. This military-inspired theme is an ideal fit for the young, active boys who are generally inspired by life heroes such as the army soldiers.

Among the many merits of this theme is that there are different color ranges to choose from and that the theme can be used on nearly all bedroom accessories including the bed sheets, pillows, walls, floors and even on the windows.

Just to make the theme more complete, you can also bring in items such as figurines, pictures, posters, and even medals that are relevant to the military settings.

Consider Using Bedroom Accessories

Boys and toys are two inseparable entities and including some of such classic accessories will certainly make him feel at home with the décor. Think of bringing in some of the toys you gathered at his age or if there aren’t any, you can source for such from your local or online stores.

Quite commonly, boys find accessories such as classic sports cars and sailing boats on the walls amusing, so make an effort to create something he will like.

Check Out Our Boy’s Bedroom Ideas Now

We have listed not just the bedroom theme ideas but also inform you on where exactly you can buy the various furniture and decorating items. This means you can create your boy’s perfect room in the most time efficient manner.

Our website format is also highly suitable for those who prefer to do-it-yourself!

Note : Before buying any item, do remember to check out the dimensions to ensure that it can fit well in your room.

Bedroom Idea – Outer Space Theme

An outer space themed bedroom for your son or grandson will surely fire his imagination as he continues mankind’s deep curiosity of the galaxy and universe.

The loft bed provides the optimum furniture to make use of all the space available in his room.

You will certainly be impressed by the attention to details the designer of this loft bed has put in, especially if the boy’s room is small.

Deep drawers give you ample space to put his clothing and accessories. They are also convenient storage of other essentials like his study materials. The display shelf lets him put ornaments which will spruce up his bedroom. Globe display stand are also placed in his room to adhere to his theme.

The huge and colourful planet wall decal placed beside his bed completes the theme of his bedroom. They give him the feeling of sleeping in outer space every night. They can also learn more about their favourite planets.

A rug of a different theme – (“sports” theme) will definitely make the boy excited! With the bright colours displaying the different types of balls, your son or grandson can have fun playing on the comfortable rug.

A spacing saving, quality loft bed, combined with a interesting space theme makes this among the best boys bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Bedroom Idea – Bright, Stimulating Sunshine Theme

Cars, trucks and planes – these are some of the most sought after toys that boys have.

By creating a contemporary bedroom theme that revolves around transport and the sunshine image painted on the ceiling, you little tot will be able to immerse in his most liked playthings and his bedroom will be his favorite place at home.

For the boy’s room décor, consider decorating the bed with a 100% cotton comforter and pillow case, that captures colorful pictures of racing cars and more which your boy will easily identify confidently. Contrast the comforter and pillow case with a contrasting bedsheet that matches the centerpiece, adding to the fun dimension of his room.

Having a matching night table with one drawer and an open cabinet beside his bed gives him some space to keep his favorite bedtime books and some personal items within reach.

Placing the transport rug near his bed provides a comfy little spot for him to play with his toys or read his books. It also has a non-slip backing for child’s safety.

Bedroom Idea – Planetary Solar System Theme

If you prefer a light toned bed frame, consider this white bed frame with pine wood accents.

Hanging wall art piece like this planets wall decal beside his bed creates a outerspace feel and enliven his bedroom.

The open cabinet beside the bed gives you additional storage space which also acts as a display unit to showcase his favorite items. He can keep his books, sports equipment and other items neatly in these woven storage units, which also spruces up his room.

Placing a soft and slightly padded aqua blue play rug in shape of car beside the bed provides a nice and comfortable play-area for the boys or a study area for them to read or do their homework. It matches the blue theme in his bedroom as well.

Placing green storage boxes which complement his comforter provide more storage space for him to keep his toys and stationery, keeping his room neat and tidy.

A solid bedframe set, combined with colourful décor, makes this among the most desired boys bedroom ideas that you should consider giving your precious son or grandson!

Bedroom Idea – Contemporary Blue Theme

Vibrant blue boys bedroom

A contemporary bed is the most important of item if we are creating a modern bedroom. This bed has sleek lines and white finish to accentuate the up-to-date feel.

The bed also takes care of your storage issues brilliantly. The headboard has incorporated 2 storage spaces to keep often used items like alarm clock and charging station.

The night table at the side of the bed with two drawers and an open cabinet can store his personal items and keep it within reach.

Further decorate his wall above the night table with this car themed canvas wall art, to spread his love of cars and transport in his very own room. The neutral colours of this art piece match his room well.

Create a cosy play area with this modern and neutral coloured table and chairs set. Your boy can doodle and play toys and game sets with his siblings and friends.

Ensure his toys, playsets and arts and craft supplies are organised and neat with colourful organizer bins that are mounted on the wall. These organiser bins are space saving and brighten his room and complement the table and chairs set.

Certainly a boy room idea and a contemporary bedroom design that you should consider!

Bedroom Idea – Bright Safari Theme

Editor's Choice 2.2

Boy’s Bedroom Idea 6 – Bright Safari Theme

Among the first pictures that kids learn to identify, animal related images are usually among the most common ones.

With this safari theme room, your boy will undoubtedly be excited as he can live with the various animal images that he has grown up to be familiar with.

His favourite animal friends are displayed prominently on the headboard, wardrobe and open shelves and storage cabinet. In addition, the bedsheet and carpet are decked mainly in lush green to depict the jungle feel, adhering to his safari themed bedroom. The adorable animals match the bright orange wall too.

Keeping room neat and tidy is important. Hence, having a functional wood toy box with the adorable elephant print can stow his toys neatly, matches his bedding furniture as well.

Further reduce his clutter with the open shelves and storage cabinet, helping him keep his room neat and tidy, by organising his books, games, art and craft supplies neatly.

This solid and modern looking bedframe set, combined with colourful décor, makes this among the most desired boys bedroom ideas that you should consider giving your precious son or grandson!

Bedroom Idea – Space Saving Bunk Bed With Numerous Bookshelves

Our bedroom idea also suitable if you have 2 children sharing the same room, this bedframe certainly fits your bill. With 2 levels, a bunk bed offers more sleeping area without taking extra limited space.

This bunk bed is no frills – with integrated additional storage drawers beneath the bed and strong, pinewood bed frame that offers a sturdy support for your boys at night.

The storage drawers beneath the lower bed gives you roomy storage space to keep the boys’ belonging.

As the lower bed may not have sufficient light due to its structure, hanging a night lamp is ideal for reading and relaxing purpose in the comfort of his bed.

The study desk has pull out keyboard tray, which saves you space to get another computer desk. The chair is height adjustable, creating a healthy study environment for your child, due to the ergonomic design.

If your boys love reading and you have planned to get her a substantial number of books to quench their voracious appetite for reading, then having bookshelves on the opposite end of their room is a good choice. Have some playsets placed beside the bookshelves to create a balanced life for them.

Complete this with the world map wall decal, which brighten up the room. The walls will look more fascinating with this brightly coloured wall decal.

This boys’ room will definitely give them a pleasant environment to live in!

Bedroom Idea – Calming Blue Tone with Sports Theme

Boy toddler room

This bedroom idea for boys showcases a blue bed, surrounded by well-liked, matching colored accessories. This room will surely invigorate your little boy!

You will be glad to know that beneath the bed is complete open space. With this space, you can place storage bins to keep his toys, books and accessories. As these bins are on the floor, he will be able to easily retrieve his favorite items.

A study area is important for a child to do his homework. A compact desk and chair set with large work surface area will be able to provide such a conducive and comfortable area for the child to study.

Give you child an extra seating and nice area to chill by placing football bean bag. This sturdy bean bag gives his bedroom an overall sporty look as well.

For the boy’s room decor, hanging some wall décor is one good way to complete his bedroom ensemble. A neon green wall clock and large wall plaque are such décor. Matching green ceiling light and floor rug spruces up his bedroom too.

Another area for your boy to read, play and rest.

Overall, this blue boys room will give them a pleasant environment to live in. The blue tone also creates calming effect which will aid them in their development.

Bedroom Idea – Airplanes Theme

Boys Bedroom

Among the popular toys that boys love to play with, those related to transport like cars, trains and planes definitely stand out.

Surround him with these transport related items such as planes as featured in this bedroom and he will be jumping with joy!

To keep the room tidy and neat, it is important to buy a sturdy and well-constructed toy organizer to ensure that the toys are kept in an organised manner for your precious to be able to find his toys and playsets easily.

The green bookcase with storage drawers which matches the bedding keeps your child’s room neat as it can keep a lot of books and display items in the open shelves and store toys in the bottom drawers.

Hanging wall arts like this pretty artwork featuring potted plants create a conducive toddler boy’s room ambience and complements the potted plants placed beside the toy organiser.

Bedroom Idea – Race Car Theme

Interior of colorful boy room with race theme

Give your son/grandson a racer feel with this race car set in race track background. The brilliant printed color and realistic graphics feature your child as a car racer. Car racer fanatics will surely love this racer car bed. This bedding matches his car racer bedroom theme.

Open shelves are cleverly placed around the clouds drawn on the wall, functioning as wall décor and subtle storage space.

The dressers and wardrobe match the bed furniture perfectly well and provide sufficient storage space to keep your son’s/grandson’s items. You can keep his clothes and books neatly away in this cool and modern looking dressers and wardrobe.

Another interesting boys room decor you can add is the “grass” carpeted rug that complete the whole race car theme.

Bedroom Idea – Superhero Characters

Boy’s Bedroom Idea 10 – Superhero Character

Some of the most common characters boys can readily identify are comic super heroes.

These super heroes teach the little guys bravery and righteousness, hence by providing him a room with this theme, you can also inculcating these positive values to him.

Suitable if you have 3 kids sharing the same bedroom, a twin bed and a full bunk bed, which comprises of a twin sized bed at the upper level and the bottom level. There are drawers beneath the bed for the boys to keep their belongings, to make the room clutter free.

Constructed with solid wood, the various steel reinforcement points gives the bed extra strength and stability, offering you a peace of mind.

There is a comfortable study area provided with these two-piece desk sets, with a matching file cabinet, acting as a divider. They can easily place his books and papers on this desk. Complete his desk with ergonomic chair suitable for kids.

A super hero Disney theme is surely an exciting and cool boys bedroom. Make this his dream room with these interesting boy’s room decor and sturdy bed.

Bedroom Idea – Cosy Room with Unique Standing Lamp

Boys bedroom with blue and brown.

A cosy room with all the essentials that your boy needs in his own bedroom. A night stand beside his bed to keep his personal items within reach. A table lamp placed on the night stand makes a great ornament and spruces up the bedroom.

Get a unique standing lamp that consists of colourful light bulbs and double up as a place for him to hang his medals to display his achievements. This standing lamp is a suitable lamp to use as a night lamp as well, to keep the light through the night.

This multi-drawer chest provides ample storage space for him to keep his room neat and clutter free, while allowing him to place the television for his entertainment purpose.

Give your little one another cosy area in his very own bedroom with this upholstered sturdy chair. He can chill and read his book in this comfy little corner. Definitely an excellent toddler boy bedroom idea to consider.

Bedroom Idea – Car and Trucks Theme

Boy’s Bedroom Idea 12 – Car and Trucks Theme

Cars and trucks are among the most popular toys among boys.

Giving him a room that is decorated with various cars items will surely excite him, certainly a boy’s room idea that is worth considering.

Built for 2 children sharing the same bedframe, you will love the compact design and sturdy construction.

To access his mattress, he is only required to climb up a center ladder. The high rail guard around the bed ensures safety to give you a peace of mind. Once he is Inside the secured bed, your son or grandson can joyously play with his toys and the high rail prevent his items from falling off easily.

A book rack complementary to the bedding furniture is a must as well. It gives him easy access to his books.

Store his toys and books properly in this toy chest, featuring a cute blue truck. A toy chest can also help the boy develop an important life skill – organisational skill. Placing it beside the play area gives him easy access to his favourite toys.

A study area in your son’s bedroom will complete the whole furnishing. A white contemporary study desk, which matches his bedding furniture and a matching ergonomically desk chair provides the required back support and comfort for your child, even if he needs to sit for long time.

Bedroom Idea – Contemporary Color Theme

Editor's Choice

A modern designed bedroom that provides an fresh alternative to a boy’s bedroom, for those parents who prefer a style will stay relevant for a long time.

The comfortable flip open sofa provides a perfect area for lounging and playing. Placing the two adorable snooker ball shaped decorative pillows and two filled cushions on his sofa for him transform his room into a comfortable, relaxing area. They brighten up the room as well.

Include colourful storage boxes place in the open shelves beside his study table enable him to keep his books of different sizes and also his personal belongings. These boxes liven up his room as well.

Further brighten his room with the simple wall decals and some desk accessories.

A matching bookcase is a perfect addition for him to display his favourite books and accessories is a great addition to ensure a clutter free bedroom. It enables him to cultivate his organisational and reading skills by arranging the books neatly.

Boys room in modern design

Bedroom Idea – Vivid Orange Theme

Bright orange boys room with bulk bed

Orange walls provide a warm and cosy feeling. The strip of colourful and vibrant images lining the upper wall add a playful touch to the room. The brothers’ names displayed on the wall will make them feel a sense of pride and belonging when seeing their own names in their very own room.

The white contemporary furniture set completes this contemporary themed bedroom.

The bunk bed that integrates 2 beds into one structure, has been creatively designed to offer a modern look.

The three dressers provide ample storage space for his toys, books, playsets and arts and craft supplies. This keeps their room clutter free.

Putting the bright red table lamp on the night table provides him with some guide light at night and have an accessory that matches his bedroom ensemble.

An exciting bedroom idea for boy that will make his dream room come true.

Bedroom Idea – Vibrant and Intense Bright Color

Modren Boys children room

Colourful furniture and bedding add vibrancy and liveliness to the boy’s car racing themed bedroom.

Colorful child bedroomMake his studying time more fun with this car racing themed desk, with open shelves for him to display and organise his items. This is also a fantastic accent to his bedroom theme and an excellent toddler boy room decor item.

A matching wardrobe will help him keep his room clutter free. In addition, another comfortable area for your boy to play with his toys is having this stylish and complementary bean bag chair.

Spice up the racing mood by placing a colourful children’s area rug with the interesting racing car images. It provides another comfortable area for your child to play with his toys.

Transform the other side of his bedroom into another exciting retreat with this bright and colourful bedding with similar car racing themed bedding and decorative pillows. Storage cabinets are placed here to store his toys, gamesets and books, to keep his bedroom organised.

Bedroom Idea – Exciting Race Car Theme

Modern design of boy room

Decorate a boy’s room with this car theme and make your car lover boy delighted with joy when he speeds off to his dreamland in his car bed!

A night stand beside his bed and a fresh green plant place on his night stand provides a healthy and soothing environment.

Placing a comfortable one seater sofa with foot stool beside the night stand provides a comfortable play area for the boy to read and play with this toys and game sets.

Placing this grey carpet not only provides comfort for the boy, it is functional as it provides a decent playarea for the child in the comfort of his very own bedroom.

Hanging a wall art displaying car by his bed and pasting the word “CAR” right above his bed complete the theme of his bedroom.

Bedroom Idea – Fun Room with Designated Play Area

Boy room with house playground and tree with lost of toys

Create an extremely fun room to make your son or grandson’s bedroom his favorite place in the whole house!

An ingenious way to achieve this is to double up his bed into something more than just a place to sleep in – by transforming it into a playground!

Get a bunk bed with empty space below and you will get a designated play area. The space below the mattress gives him ample space for play or storage. He will have an entertaining time as his friends or siblings can gather in this area to play.

Another noteworthy design is the decoration. You can get a blue tent like material for the wall of this space as this is a well-liked color for boys.

Add a few low level shelves to keep his toys and books. He can easily reach for these items and indulge in various activities to keep his brain active.

Wall stickers are common boys’ bedroom decorating items. Consider choosing a tree design to incorporate some elements of nature into his room.

Bedroom Idea – Integrated Conducive Study Area

Children roomIf your boy already show signs of his love for books, then you should consider designing a bedroom with emphasis on books display.

Let him learn and study in a conducive environment. Give the wall a bright paint to liven up his room. Brightly painted wall helps to heighten up his senses to stimulate his brain.

The focus of the room is the matching colored shelves that provides ample storage of his books and related learning materials like educational games and maps.

A study table near to the shelves offers the best place for him to practise writing or even drawing if he has a penchant for arts.

If space is a constraint and you have more than 1 kid sleeping in the room, do consider buying a trundle bed that lets you pull out the bottom bed only when required.

A large book shelf is definitely the ideal bedroom idea for him if he loves reading and he will be grateful for your well-thought intentions.

We also recommend this style of bedroom for teen girl room ideas if you are also considering a makeover for your teenage girl and she is a book lover.

Children closet

Bedroom Idea – Sports Theme

KIds bedroom

Sports are among the best activities to ensure that your child grows up healthy as it aids in his psycho-motor development.

Setting up a cool sport theme bedroom for him gives him the most conducive environment to nurture his love for sports.

For this idea, as shown in the boy bedroom picture, we use skateboarding as the central design idea. Placing skateboards on the wall give the room a beautiful boyish feel without taking up extra space.

Alternate maroon and white colors on the wall generate a modern style, adding the visual appeal when your boy steps into his room.

Adding a colourful rug further spruce up his room and let him be creative with his imaginations with the different images displayed on the rug.

This sports theme room is suitable for boys who are older and is the perfect idea if you are looking a bedroom idea that can last longer when he grows up.

Bedroom Idea – Ship and Sea Theme

Boys room

Transport vehicles are among the common things that attract boys and ships are of no exception.

This bedroom idea attempts to recreate the interior bunk of the sleeping area of a ship. The most eye-catching decorating item for this boy’s room has to be the life buoy. A clever and creative use of an essential item in any sea vessel, the life buoy adds to the authenticity of the theme of this room.

A bunk bed is useful if you have limited space and have more than 1 kid sleeping in the room. In this idea, we recommend using blue as the central color as it resembles the sea and produces a relaxing effect.

Blue bedding for the bunk bed coupled with a wardrobe with blue doors and matching colored chair is the recommended furnishing.

A rug that has images of sea creatures completes this bedroom, definitely an interesting room to consider.

Bedroom Idea – Modern Blue and White Tone

If you have moved into a new home and already has a modern design in your living room, getting a modern looking style for your boy’s room is the best decision.

This creates a consistent main theme for your house and at the same time, the modern concept enables your boy’s bedroom to stay relevant for a long time.

We advocate a wall decorating item that creates a stunning visual impact and yet will not go out of style easily. A world map is an excellent example that fits this criteria. Besides letting your boy learn about geography, the world map also evokes an intellectual feel which can encourage him to grasp more knowledge.

If he has some favourite or most played toys and accessories, it may be a good idea to place them separately in another storage bin – white and light blue storage bins are a good fit. A white tone is also an excellent choice for modern kitchen island ideas.

Modern metallic lamps with blue and white sofa rest completes this contemporary boys room.

Sunny bedroom for boy

Bedroom Idea – Bunk Bed Set in Vivid Color

Boys Room Idea 22 - Bunk Bed Set in Vivid Color

Let the child’s growing up area be filled with items that fuel his imagination – bright decorating items complete with a variety of toys that will surely create a fun place to sleep in!

Provide toy organisers solutions by placing a shelf that act as a toy organizer. It brightens the room as well with the colourful doors. In addition, your boy can carry his items to play at one corner of his room or in other areas of the house and return and store them in low level drawers after his playtime.

You should get a bedframe that has been specially designed for home owners with small bedroom – a bunk bed that makes this a good boy’s bedroom idea for small rooms. The bed structure suits well for rooms that has little storage space once the bed is moved in.

For the wall, be bold and place large pieces of his own drawings using adhesives that can be removed easily without damaging the wall. Praise him for his beautiful masterpiece to build his confidence. Change the drawings every few weeks or months and his artwork will get constant showcase!

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