Most Cool (2017) and Awesome Bedroom Ideas With Pictures

Cool Bedroom Decorating Idea(updated in 2017) Coming out with cool bedroom ideas for your bedroom is significant as your room is your own personal space that must be given the shape and look as a reflection of your personality.

You will be spending at least one third of your life in this room and hence it is important that it is comfortable as well as relaxing both to your mind and body.

In the present days, we have numerous decor items, furniture and accessories to design the space in your home to make it your dream bedroom.

If you are renovating your old house or planning a cool bedroom makeover of your house and looking for good design in your new home, you have to do some homework and you will be surprised to find plenty of ideas to give the look and feel you want for your bedrooms.

Some of the ideas from to give a trendy, stylish at the same time a better design to your cool looking room are as follows:

Classic Chic Design

Cool Interior design Bedroo

The very much classic bedroom can be positively get improved by adding some classy but yet cool designs to it, like painting the walls in some warm beige colors and adding a genuine wooden furniture like cupboard and a cute tiny bedside table.

Do not forget to add some beautiful blankets on your big king size bed, which might be silk, or nice cotton, preferably monotone and warm, beige pattern.

Other cool stuff you can add to your room include a bold orange cushion seat or a pillow case that matches the table lamp design as shown in the image above.

Tranquil In Nature Theme

Using nature as the decorating item may be a cool room decor idea. This bedroom design is a comprehensive one providing for the placement of every other bedroom furniture and adds more comfort and utility to the space you are planning to make your dream bedroom.

This bedroom design is fully tranquil in nature and is good for your master bedroom.

It provides well defined spaces for seating area, and offers the best views of the garden when you are planning to have an opening to your bedroom. A tranquil nature theme is also an awesome man cave idea!

Victorian Epoque Decor

What can be more beautiful than the Victorian epoque? Only when we hear these words, we get reminded of beautiful dresses and chic balls with beautiful dancers and exquisite dresses. Even the bedroom can look Victorian if you really want to!

The key to the success with this style is to use cool stuff for your bedroom like simple, genuine wood, vintage patterns and dark colors.

The furniture is also important, one of the most common elements are the oval backs of the chairs. Decorate the upholstery and drapes with long fringed and choose some deep and cold colours.

Animal Inspired Theme

Some people simply love animal patterns and the wild-wild nature, and why not transforming your very own bedroom in a place that reminds you of the hobby you love so much.

To achieve this type of cool bedroom theme, you can paint the walls black and white. If not, consider getting a carpet or rug that resemble the irregular stripes of a zebra like the one shown in the picture above.

For bed sheets you can use some with tiger or leopard print and add a drop with personality, with some posters of wild animals all around the room! If you want to add some bold contrast to decorate the bedroom, you can use bright colored bedding like a bright yellow pillow and yellow lamp that reminds the bright sun overlooking the safari.

If you are also considering ideas to decorate a little boy bedroom, a safari theme is also an appropriate theme for him.

Royal Design

Everyone wants to be a king, so why not choosing the one design that fits this wish?

Use noble colours like purple or violet as the bedroom wall idea. A luxurious looking chandelier will be the cool bedroom lighting and decorating idea.

Choose matching opulent furniture like a big bed with textile canopy, coupled with a headboard with some golden motives to enhance the luxurious feel.

Cool Rock And Roll Music Theme

A room idea that is suitable for teenage guys or girls, especially those who have a love for rock music.

Have a specially designed wall that allows you to draw with old school chalk or temporary marker pen. Hand drawn images of large music speakers or the guitar is certainly a cool bedroom art. Other artwork you can add in includes music notes on the wall and pictures of rock legends.

In addition, the stylish chairs, the sitting tables adjacent to the bed all add a special style pattern aimed at enhancing the comfort and decoration in the bedroom.

Meditation Haven

After all, sometimes the bedroom is the only place in the house where one is allowed to meditate and find the inner peace that sometimes seems impossible to the modern person always on the run.

By incorporating a meditation haven theme as your cool room design, you might need some radical changes in your bedroom – light and soft colors (peach or pastel green for example) and, definitely a big floral patterns.

Be careful with the lighting, don’t choose the ones that seem to be too bright, because they might cause headaches, better let the natural light fill the bedroom.

A bedroom idea that is cool for the teenager!

Walls of Windows and Fireplace Decorating Idea

With the advent of new materials and emergence of the most modern design trends what you can plan is a bedroom in a completely cool and trendy style.

This type of bedroom design will be very nice to look and indulge in when you have a larger space for your bedroom.

If you have the choice of changing the window and wall structure, a cool bedroom wall idea is to have walls of window, that is 4 to 6 windows line up together forming to create a large open wall. This enhances the space of the room significantly.

Another cool decoration for your room is to have a ribbon type fireplace which is the perfect attraction that highlights the design aspect of a modern bedroom. Click for contemporary bedroom ideas here.

Black and White Theme Complete With Round Bed

A cool shaped bed is a really interesting centrepiece to add to your bedroom.

The main color theme is the use of the most contrasting colors – black and white.

This bedroom design is very unique with the bed and other accessories moved to the centre of the room leaving ample space on the other side of the room.

A cool stuff to add to the room is a multiple raindrop pattern metallic accessory hanging from the ceiling as shown in the image.

The unique shape of the bed also makes this idea a suitable basement bedroom idea if you have an odd layout for the room.

Cool Blue with Skylight

If you are inspired by tropical design for your bedroom then you can go for the bedroom that bears the design elements that use a tropical theme and this design lets you have a nice and comfy bed and other pieces of bedroom furniture in a non- crampy scheme.

If you have the possibility to have the skylight area it will become one of the most attractive and cool idea for your master bedroom.

Bold Color Contrasting Style Idea

This is a bedroom for a modern home with a trendy look. This awesome bedroom will be nice with ample spacing and this comes with a new and holistic look and feel that will be good for your teenage guy or teenage girl.

A suitable cool wall idea is to have a wall painted with varying pressure to create a textured appearance.

This can be occasionally used for your guests also. This is simplistic style following the classic design principles with a high impact output that places more stress on the use of a bold color scheme and a modern décor plan.

Using bold color to create contrast is also a useful idea to decorate a small living room.

Beach Style Bedroom

This cool bedroom design is good if you are planning to have a large, beach style bedroom that is to be used as your master bedroom. The walls are light colored to give a sense of tranquillity, calm and relaxing effect and the light hard wood floor makes the bedroom look stylish and trendy.

The additional sitting spaces and the placement of the rocking or the armrest chair add to the comfort feeling of the bedroom.

Oval Shaped Bed In Bold Pink

The cool looking bed is the attention grabbing feature of this room. While less common in the market, getting an oval shaped or round designed bed makes your room stand out from the rest.

You can go crazy, have a nice sleep, and just be yourself in this special bedroom, any minute of free time you have. The use of several wall lights with curved shape is a cool bedroom lighting you can consider.

Bold pink bedding makes this an extremely attractive yet comfortable room in your home which is also a cool bedroom suitable for the teenage girl bedroom ideas.

Wooden Theme

A bedroom design that gives a neat and spacious outlook. Wooden theme creates the most authentic “back to nature” feel which brings out a comfortable feel whenever you step into your room.

The plain walls in the right shade of the base color add to the sophisticated look being highlighted by the beige rug.

The placement of other bedroom elements is carefully decided to highlight the spacious look and feel of the bedroom. This bedroom design will be especially good for a bedroom space situated on the top floors of the house.

The hardwood floors add to the stylish yet a rustic look to the bedroom, just like the appeal of wood to enhance a kitchen cabinet organization idea.

A cool lighting at the ceiling with a semi-flush mount and round shaped offers the best accessory to complete this awesome bedroom.

Grey Theme And Cool Modern Furniture

This is a contemporary design for a modern bedroom complete with all the necessary fixtures and accessories for a comfortable bedroom space.

The cool bedroom furniture is the wardrobe, translucent wardrobe door create a sense of space. A combination of grey bedding complemented by hardwood floor gives you an awesome bedroom with a classy look and comfy feel.

This design needs a larger space and once you are able to fix the things as per the design scheme you will be really amazed with the look and feel of the bedroom that adds more comfort and coziness to those who want to indulge in its posh interiors.

If grey is the choice of color for your home, check our article on grey modern living room ideas here.

Bookworm Heaven

Bookworm heaven is basically a bedroom-library. A comfortable bed, and many shelves full of books, or even a big bookcase filled with hundreds of books if the ultimate cool room idea!

A special decorating idea can be the quotes from your favorite books written on the walls, so you can get motivated day by day just when you wake up.

Do not forget to add a gorgeous night stand so you always can have where to put your warm cup of tea with milk!

Creating An Inspiring Cool Bedroom

Designing your bedroom is a one time affair but you have to pay all the attention and time needed to make it a great place for you to sleep and relax, where you can feel peaceful and the most of yourself.

We hope the ideas and pictures that we have presented have benefited you can take as a primary reference and develop them the way you wish for the makeover of your room.

Look around our other articles like video game room ideas to get inspired to make your dreams for your cool bedroom ideas come to reality that matches your preference.

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