The Coolest Ultimate (2017) Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Bar(updated in 2017) Are you coming out with man cave ideas and thinking of converting one of your room into an official man cave?

Whether it’s remodelling your garage, an old basement, or a shed, a cave man offers the perfect hideout to relax, have fun and basically refresh your mind.

Or perhaps you’re in the process of building a new house, and you want to make sure your new place includes a man cave project.

For a man cave to be truly welcoming, it has to be stylish and personalized. But creating such a place is easier said than done. After all, we are uniquely different when it comes to likes, tastes and creativity.

Here are some ideas presented by that will get your creative juices flowing when researching how to design the perfect man cave for your place.

We have covered a wide variety of ideas whether you are on a budget and requires affordable items, or if you are willing to dig into your pocket for a grand and luxurious design. Or if the space is small, we have got it covered too!

We have also include detailed man cave pictures to better help you in coming out with the best design.

Check out these most cool and ultimate man cave ideas and you will certainly find a style that works for you. When your friends see your new awesome man cave, it will surely make them jealous but feel welcome at the same time!

Creative Arcade Gamer Theme

Man Caves

A theme that will create a unique appeal is retro arcade styled gamer man cave. The classy arcade design, with game room furniture, creates enough space in your garage or basement where you can entertain your friends, play cards and watch your favorite sports in action on large screens.

Retro theme is a flexible design idea that can applied to various rooms in the house, even as a tile design for bathroom.

You can add video gaming room ideas like the latest Nitendo Classic retro edition console which are cheap to obtain from online retailers to add to your man cave.

As a bonus, for the interior, consider installing a mix of blue under glow light fixture and vintage arcade inspiration makes the environment serene and cool.

Entertainment Center

A man cave is not complete without the focal point of the room, the must have entertainment center!

Your man cave entertainment center should contain a large TV that can showcase the big college or professional sports games like NFL, baseball or hockey in perfect HD clarity.

Your friends and family will love the amazing TV room because everyone can relax and gather around the TV to watch together.

Be sure to purchase a nice storage stand that will be good for storing the remote, coasters, DVDs and other stuff to keep your man cave clean and organized.

Man Cave Bar With Stylish Bar Stools And Aquarium

One of the ultimate man cave idea is to have a man cave bar complete with stylish bar stools.

This is a classy way to spice up the room.

For the man cave bar idea, towards the back wall, opposite of the TV, consider adding a bar table with a counter behind it to showcase a variety of liquors. This will be a great location because your bar patrons can sit on the stools and turn around to watch the game across the room.

To make the man room even more cool and modern, as shown in the image above, how about having a large aquarium that has been custom built into the wall so that the wall décor is an image of live fishes and other aquatic animals!

This is certainly among the best man caves around!

Rustic Man Cave 

A rustic design offers you an opportunity to express your personality and preferences as compared to designing any other space. With numerous rustic elements to choose from, having a rustic men room design is simply a fun challenge you will love.

Next question is how to build that rustic man cave idea in a backdrop of modern setting to begin with?

The best way to achieve this decorating idea is to leverage on commonly used and inexpensive items such as rugs designed with animal themes, rustic wall-mounted shelves, wicker baskets, rustic wall mounted bottle openers, wood signs, rustic pint glasses and automotive themes. For related rustic themes, we have also included similar country style kitchen cabinets pictures here.

Man Cave Wall Decor

You will need to find a way to liven up the walls in this man’s room.

To come out with an awesome man cave wall decor, why not consider adding some of your favorite sports team memorabilia from the football, baseball, hockey or basketball league? You can purchase a variety of posters, pictures, or Fat Heads that you can attach to the wall and make it stand out. Your man cave wall is your creative space so use it to your advantage for the coolest idea.

Another wall could contain personalized décor framed pictures of some of your favorite experiences and memories with friends and family. Perhaps you have some great pictures from last year’s family vacation or reunion that you want to build a family wall of fame for everyone to enjoy.

Or, perhaps you have several pictures from college football road trips and campus visits with your buddies.

For some man cave DIY ideas, paste a sports themed man cave wallpaper for that masculine finishing, or map of the world to showcase the globetrotter nature in you as shown in the picture above.

Whatever the case may be, you can really make your walls stand out with pictures and more! Creating a visibly stand out wall is a useful tip to decorate a small living room too!

Nature Trail Outdoor Man Cave

A man cave need not be at the basement or indoor, if you prefer natural lighting with fresh air throughout, an outdoor man cave is both awesome and cool to have.

What we recommend is to integrate the outdoor design with a nature theme by having a hunting man cave idea or a fishing theme.

Do you have a soft spot for fishing, hunting, boating and other outdoor overtures? If so then, creating such themes the best prize you can gift yourself.

If you are considering DIY man caves, you will be pleased to know that this design can be completed yourself using cheap materials that are often found in the wild and use them to put together an attractive space.

For the layout, you can use natural stones to build the fireplace and the TV stand, wood to construct the ceiling, the walls and the furniture and some potted plants to decorate the room.

Of importance is that the cave décor should strive to retain the simple appeal of the materials you use rather than giving them excess makeover. This will give you a must have guy’s room that you will definitely cherish while easy to build.

A nature-inspired theme is also featured in our best contemporary bedroom ideas article here.

Pool Table and Dart Corner

Which man room is complete without a billiards or pool table to showcase?

If you enjoy some friendly competition with your buddies on a weekend, consider adding a man cave pool table in your plan.

For the furniture, you will need some space for a chair or two as well as storage for the racks and pool sticks. But, this is a great way to get everyone involved in a game when together.

Make sure you have enough room on each side of the table for others to effectively strike the cue ball!

To make the interior guy’s room even more cool, other things to put include hanging a cool and stylish dart board which not only lets you enjoy a fun game of darts, but also double up as a man cave decor.

This idea is suitable for a man cave garage as it is relatively simple and easy to furnish and design and does not require much floor area, making it also an ideal small man cave idea.

Casino Theme With Poker Card Table Table 

Weeknight or weekend poker tournaments are a hot and popular activity right now for friends. Why not make bring the Las Vegas tables experience to your man cave? Poker or related card games are some of the more popular man cave games.

You can find several high quality poker tables online that will immerse you and your friends into a true casino experience in your own home.

A poker tournament is a fun way to get all of your friends engaged in great conversation with each other. It’s also a mentally stimulating game for everyone. A little competition among friends can be fun!

Luxurious lamps should be the appropriate lighting, while the flooring should be carpeted to replicate the opulence feel of the casinos.

Having a Las Vegas style room is undoubtedly among the most unique man cave ideas you can have!

The Sophisticated Sports Theme Arena

For many men, sports are a core part of their everyday fun and certainly you are not an exception. There is also a good chance that you like watching your favorite sport in a quiet environment.

Sports man cave ideas make the perfect space for watching Saturday night sports marathon, whether it is the NFL, NHL or other sports league.

With sports appealing to people of all ages, it is also a cool little boy bedroom idea too, not just for adult man.

Reminiscent items such as electronic sports stickers, captions of trendy home theatre, select merchandise of your favorite sports displayed on the man cave shelves and furniture bearing sports themed décor create a stylish and modern appeal of your man cave.

Bold and Beautiful Man Cave Color Schemes

Though some men are not known for being the color masters, you can still play with color hues and create the perfect shade for the room.

If selected rightly, color shades add a subtle vintage vibe to your man cave thus giving that vital soothing ambience. So, which are some of the ideal color schemes for a man cave?

The mute undertones of slate gray make it a great choice to make this space modern. It simply suits any settings and ensuing mood. If your living room is grey themed, then this choice of color will be match the overall theme of your home.

Other man cave paint colors include a deep burgundy or purple that can make the place livable for its casual elegance, sublime sophistication and the tinge of energy it infuses to the surrounding.

If the floor area is small, then bright colors like yellow or orange helps to make your small man cave appear bigger.

Other suitable wall colors you can think over are chocolate brown, dark green and navy.

The Rock Star Den

Whether it is bringing in some rock band musical equipment like keyboard and guitars or simply having some jam space print out, creating a rock star den for a music man cave is among the coolest ideas as many people can easily relate with the theme in your plan.

For the man cave flooring, consider having comfortable and fun looking carpet like carpet with zebra-print so that some of your audience can sit down on the floor to cheer you on while you perform live.

Some trending rock star den designs to mull over are urban green cityscape walls, black tiled ceilings and some record-album clock installation.

This rock star theme is an awesome basement man cave idea as the loud music during the performance is contained within the confines of the underground room.

We also have recommended a rock and roll music theme for a cool bedroom idea. Check out here!

Well-Positioned Furniture in the Man Cave

It is also important that you add some well-positioned furniture throughout your man cave that serves the purpose of entertaining.

One recommended man cave furniture is to purchase an L-shaped couch that can be placed in front of the TV. These are great because they are large and allow for others to spread out across the couch and find a comfortable seating location.

For relaxation when not watching the TV, why not consider adding accessories like a hammock or hanging lounge chair to your man cave? This would be a very unique way to liven up your man cave. What guy does not like to relax in a hammock? You can read and even sleep!

This an excellent way to make your garage man cave idea work as putting the right furniture at the right place makes the room conducive.

Bar Design With Beer Fridge or Cooler Essentials

A bar fridge is among some of the man cave essentials if you are always entertaining people there. Be sure to have an easy access refrigerator that is fully stocked for whatever event you may host.

The bar fridge is useful regardless if you have turned the garage or a basement room into a man cave.

If the room is small, you can get a smaller fridge that does take up much space.

Similar to game room bar ideas, whether it is a sporting event in front of the TV, a poker tournament, or friendly billiards game, you and your friends will surely want to reach for a beer or other on occasion. Having this stocked and easy to get to will keep everyone happy and eager to come back, just like a pub!

If you are on a budget for the man cave idea, you can instead get a simple cooler that will keep the drinks cool without incurring additional cost like electricity or maintenance of the beer fridge.

Make Your Man Cave the Local Hangout Spot

A man cave is considered your private space in your home, you can have full control with regards to design, decorations, fixtures and what you do with your time.

There are certainly many ways to make this place attractive while ensuring it bears all the hallmarks of your preferences and leaning.

As you look forward to building your man cave, the themes above that suit all budgets will give the project a head start to creating a stylish and lovable space.

We hope that these ideas with the pics of the cave interior will have your creative juices flowing on how to create the best man cave in your home!

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