The Most Beautiful (2017) Kitchen Cabinet Ideas With Pictures You Should Check Out Today

(updated in 2017) The kitchen in your home should be functional, easy to clean, and suitable for maintenance, that is why coming out with the best kitchen cabinet ideas is important. In addition, kitchen cabinets are quite possibly one of the main focal points of your kitchen, so you want to ensure that they look spectacular!

Think well about the ways for decorating kitchen cabinet, and today there are indeed numerous ways for kitchen cabinet decoration.

At Homely Vista, we have come out with a complete list of kitchen cabinet design tips with pictures to have that ravenous kitchen that your friends, family, and potentially whole neighborhood will be talking about.

Whether it is a simple or unique cabinet design cabinet for small kitchen, an open kitchen or a spacious one, you will certainly find an idea that meets your requirement.

Stone Marble Modern Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Stone marble kitchen cabinets are an excellent idea for decorating your kitchen since they are elegant and even affordable if you use Carrara marble.

There is a widespread perception of stone marble being a bad idea when it comes to kitchen cabinet decoration, but such a claim is not true at all. Namely, cleaning stone marble is very easy. All you need is warm water and dish soap sprayed onto the surface, or if you notice some stains, mix water and baking soda into a paste and leave it overnight on the stain.

Stone marble is great if you want the quality, long-lasting modern kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, so do not hesitate to choose it when decorating cabinets in your home.

Mixed Solid Wood Cabinet Decorations

A unique way to make your kitchen pop can call for a mixed wood cabinets.

It is meant by mixed wood cabinets to be when the kitchen cupboards have a different color or finish to the wood like pine wood in one section of the kitchen versus the other like a cherry wood cabinet.

One simple way to do this effectively and elegantly is to have the all wood cabinets above the counter to have a different wood finish from the cabinets below the counter.

This can be a great way to have that mix cabinets pop out to others when they enter the room, and is useful when you cannot decide on just one finish. It is also suitable for a medium kitchen as you have more space to experiment with the different finishing.

In addition, if you are considering getting modular kitchen cabinet, this is an awesome design to consider as each unit can have its own wood style.

White Kitchen Cabinet

All basic white kitchens are always in fashion because they look clean, elegant and are applicable for different decoration styles.

The white kitchen cabinet idea will make your kitchen seem even bigger and lighter and its hygienically look will surely increase your appetite too, definitely a suitable ideas for small kitchen.

Black With White Trimmings 

Black kitchen cabinets with white trimmings are classic. Deciding to decorate your kitchen in this way will make it trendy and timeless.

Black and white style is always modern, and what is more, such a style will make it easier for you to clean the cabinets. Plus, stains will be less visible in your kitchen, and you will not have the trouble covering them.

However, when cleaning a black kitchen with white trimmings, you need to be careful to use milder soaps and detergents.

Country Style

Choosing country kitchen cabinets for decorating your kitchen will make your place cheery and welcoming, especially with the bright colours of the cupboards. It also have some vintage feel.

You can always add various kitchen cabinet accessories like metal inserts, woven baskets and floral motifs, and whoever enters your kitchen will feel warm and nice.

And maintaining and cleaning country style kitchen cabinets is as easy as cleaning any of the above ways for kitchen decoration.

Translucent Cabinet

Having a translucent cupboard in a kitchen is not only practical but it can also be very aesthetic too.

For this kind of kitchen shelf idea, it will make your cooking experience more personal but also easier since everything is more visible which makes it a great organization idea.

And if you choose a proper type of glass on the wall cabinet your kitchen will definitively have a cooler look.

Mesh Cabinet – European Style

Mesh cabinets are flexible and usually rustic but they also easily go with modern, industrial or any other style.

They are quite stylish and many people use them as a sort of display of some objects.

Nevertheless, mesh cabinets will provide you with some extra space, plus they will make it easier to find some stuff with this type of kitchen cupboard design.

Cabinet With Storage Idea

Those who wish to organise their cooking stuff and appliances in a simple and efficient way should always have cabinets with storage idea.

This type of kitchen cabinet organizers are a true revolution in arranging kitchen space and housewives all over the globe are their biggest fans.

And since there are various concepts and possible designs they are not only functional but also very tasteful. We also cover the topic of storage for the kitchen in our kitchen center island idea page here.

 Country French Style

When it comes to interior design picking a country French style is always a winning combination.

This type of kitchen cabinet style is simple and elegant and it will satisfy your soul and eyes both.

Cooking in a country French style kitchen will be a unique experience which will leave a fine trace in your prepared meals too.

A Unique and Creative Retro Kitchen Cabinet

If you have an eye for nostalgia, perhaps a retro themed decorative cabinets would peak your interest.

Retro is generally considered styles that are representative of the past.

More recently, several homeowners have opted for the 1950s and 1960s style of cabinets with sharp angles and very bright colors like orange and blue.

However in today’s world, several designs have come out that are offshoots of this retro theme by adding slightly more modern elements. This is a nice blend of old and new kitchen cupboard design ideas. A retro theme is also in our tiles for bathroom walls article.

Glossy Black Kitchen Cabinet

If you are thinking between glossy or matt kitchen, pick the first one and you will not regret it.

From the image of the wall cabinet, you will notice that the glossy black kitchen is attractive and stylish plus it has light-reflective quality.

And furthermore, looking after this type of high gloss kitchen is a piece of cake. High gloss storage units are suitable for man cave ideas for a small room as they help to enhance the spatial distribution.

Bright Coloured Cabinet – A Red One

Coloured cabinets have never lost their popularity and it seems that the red one is the newest favourite.

Brighter colours will make the entire kitchen look bigger which makes it an excellent cabinet design for small kitchen.

It also seems more open, thus giving it a more welcoming feeling. A red theme is also our recommended kitchen island ideas for small kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet With Mosaic Effect Patterned Door

Should you want to make contemporary kitchen cabinets, then don’t hesitate to decorate your kitchen with mosaic effect patterned door as shown in the picture.

This idea is modern and trendy, and no matter what colour your kitchen is, mosaic effect patterned doors will go well any shade and style.

It is easy to clean and maintain, plus you can leave whatever you want in the wall cabinets, and it still will not be visible from the outside.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets Translucent With ‘Plastic’ Door 

This wood kitchen cupboard is very practical and modern design for kitchen cabinets in the recent few years.

Translucent kitchen cabinets with ‘plastic’ are a suitable way of decorating your kitchen because it goes well with almost any theme and shade you choose.

Moreover, once you decide for translucent plastic kitchen cabinets, you will add a touch of sparkle and gloss to your beautiful kitchen. They are easy to maintain and clean, so choosing translucent plastic kitchen cabinets is a good idea for sure.

Glossy Feel Cabinets Finishes 

Adding a glossy finish to the kitchen cabinets is an cool way to help them pop out within the room.

Cabinets with a high gloss finish will allow for a shine and glow that gives them the appearance of very high-end style cabinets. From the cabinet picture, you can see a nice reflection for whomever stands in front of them, which can help bring your kitchen to life.

Further, this will allow for a nice reflection of sunlight across the room as it shines through the windows into your kitchen.

Curved Cabinets that Can House Appliances

Cabinets that are integrated into a corner of your kitchen counter and cabinet space can be designed to be curved or pivot open and closed.

This simple kitchen cabinet design is a great way to maximize that corner space because inside you can install a lazy susan rotunda.

This location is where many people store large appliances such as mixers, blenders, and juicers.

A curved and corner cabinet door will look very elegant in this corner location of your kitchen.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Benefits

Perhaps you like the idea of durability with a distinct and unique look to the kitchen cabinets you want to decorate. If this is the case, consider bamboo cabinets.

Most people do not realize that bamboo is actually a type of grass, not a wood. Manufacturers of bamboo flooring and cabinets perform a process to adhere many pieces together with glue.

However, it is exceptionally strong, durable, and is an excellent choice for ensuring a long lasting kitchen. If your kitchen has a lot of foot traffic, due to kids or many guests, bamboo kitchen cabinets would be a great option to give you peace of mind.

Consider Open Shelves At The Side, Maybe Even Metallic Shelf Idea

Having open shelves on the side doors of your cabinet is a great way to utilize extra floor space for storage.  You can install these shelves on the door to store spices, flour, sugar, or other small size items.

This type of kitchen cabinets will free up the rest of the shelf for more storage on the main cabinet floor.

If you want to make them stand out and be creative, try a metallic shelf over plastic shelves for the interior design.

Metal shelves will add a nice high end finish to the interior of the cabinets and is one of the best kitchen cabinet idea. For more shelf ideas for your home, check out our bathroom shelving ideas page here.

Various Colored Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Are you in the process of building a new house or looking to remodel the kitchen within an existing house, townhouse, or condominium? If so, in today’s world there are so many different options and considerations when performing a kitchen remodel and makeover.

You may like the idea of a classic cabinet style, but are more in tune to having a specific color that will make your kitchen unique.
Here are some of the best cabinet color ideas that you can look into. For more color schemes for your home, check out our cool room decor ideas where we explore different themes and colors.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Idea

If that is the case, you could use sleek grey color cabinets throughout your kitchen.

Grey is a nice neutral color that you can then mix with a counter top that is white or black granite to really shine.

A grey color cabinet is also not overbearing on the eyes and would be visually nice to look at while relaxing in the kitchen. It is also a nice dark color to subsequently build out a more rustic feel throughout the rest of the kitchen. If your living room has a grey theme, then you can consider this concept to create a consistent feel in your house throughout.

Mixed Color Two Tone Approach – Black and White Cabinet

You could take a mixed color approach as opposed to a mixed wood approach and offer a mix of black and white color cabinets in the kitchen.

For this two tone idea, we recommend quality black cabinets on the bottom and white cabinets on the top so as to not make the entire kitchen appear too dark.

A more neutral colored countertop would look very nice between the two colors, and stainless steel appliances would complete the room and make it extremely cool.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to go with a color that pops, such as a bright green, be sure to really consider how this will look throughout the kitchen.

This would really make your kitchen feel very bright and inviting, but you do not want the green to appear too overwhelming. A lime green concept is featured in our list of contemporary bedroom decorating ideas.

The bright color makes it an appropriate small kitchen cabinet design. White countertops may look best with this style.

Lilac Colored Kitchen Cabinet

One unique color that is not considered very often is lilac colored cabinets.

This is a nice contrast between overly bright and overly dark, but really rings with positive energy due to the color itself.

This is can also be thought of as a nice neutral color with a bit of style. Black countertops would really accent the lilac cabinets well and have everyone talking about your unique touch.

Look Through Our Different Designs Again

Having an apartment or a house and decorating it according to your wishes and style is a hard work, no matter how interesting and easy it may look at first sight.  It is a place where you spend all the time after work, where you have rest, cook, bathe, and live after all.

But decorating the kitchen cabinet and furnishing the kitchen is perhaps an even harder task, especially if you are the type of a person who enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen, preparing delicious meals.

Look through our kitchen cabinet color ideas and pictures of the various designs again.

Hopefully this has helped you in your kitchen decorating pursuits and as you can see, there are now many unique and styles for today’s kitchen, regardless if your kitchen is small, medium or very spacious!

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