16 Most Stunning (2017) Kitchen Island Ideas

16 Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Beloved Home

Fan Shape Kitchen Island Idea(updated in 2017) There are many factors to consider when choosing the different types of ideas for your kitchen island.

The kitchen area is one of the most challenging spaces to design around the house. You need to find the balance between storage, design and functionality.

It is precisely of these needs that make a kitchen island a must. Basically, a kitchen island doubles up as a visual anchor and an auxiliary space during food preparation.

That said, choosing a suiting style and interior design for your kitchen island can be a confusing endeavor. Essentially, the facility should be inviting, well lit, and its surface should blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s overall décor theme. If you are in the process of installing a kitchen island, here are 5 key elements to spur you into making every detail of your island stand out.

a. Functionality First
Kitchen islands have to be efficient in their functions for them to earn a space in the kitchen. As you mull over which counter best fits your needs, think on ease of storage of dish washing towels and soap dishes as well as access to silverware and dish storage.

The island should also be in close proximity to amenities such as refrigerator, compost bin, cooktop, and outlet for small appliances. This is especially important if you are considering a small kitchen island idea.

Kitchen with large granite islandb. Heat Resistance
One of the common uses for a kitchen island is cooling of food before it can be served or stored anywhere. As such, the material used should be heat and scratch resistant.

Polished granite material is not only an elegant surface but provides a durable preparation space and is not affected by hot cooking pots. More so, granite is popular and easy to match with wood and marble flooring in the kitchen. Because of these reasons, we have included granite material in our list of kitchen island ideas.

c. How it Fits Into the Kitchen Layout
Your kitchen is anything but static-the fact that you will spend a significant chunk of time in this room requires that every section of the kitchen is cohesively designed.

The island should be situated centrally yet make it easy to access other kitchen utilities such as the range, sink, and the refrigerator. More so, the island should afford enough space for use by those who are cooking and evening those just hanging around for a bite.

This is an important consideration if you are looking out for kitchen island ideas for small kitchens.

White Cabinetry Kitchen Island Idead. Height of the Structure
Essentially, you do your food preparation while standing. For this, the island should be designed such that the surface is at your waistline.

Besides making the cooking process a nice experience, a conveniently designed island also creates space for storing chairs under the island.

e. Overall Aesthetic
With all the activities going on around the kitchen, it’s essential that the kitchen is well lit and ventilated. At the very least, the kitchen island lighting ideas and designs should face directly to the top of the islands counter.

To make the room well aired out, fix a downdraft fan in a section behind the countertop. You can also install an exhaust fan that helps you get rid of foul smell such as that of fried fish.

10 Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas

There are hundreds of materials you can opt to use for your Kitchen Island and seating. Here at HomelyVista, we present some of the most common countertop materials to consider, complete with stunning kitchen island pictures.


Kitchen with large granite island
Granite’s visual patterns and beautiful mottling makes it a popular choice for many home owners. Granite blends well with surfaces such as wood and brown tiles.

Its heat resistance also makes this a suitable table top for your food preparation.


Granite’s visual patterns and beautiful mottling makes it a popular choice for many home owners. Granite blends well with surfaces such as wood and brown tiles.

Its heat resistance also makes this a suitable table top for your food preparation. We also have various wood kitchen cabinet design ideas here.

All White

Using white as the primary color for your kitchen island gives your several advantages, notably it makes your kitchen appear bigger. Adding chairs that are white too at the island makes this a brilliant small kitchen island idea with seating.

Another benefit of using white is the timeless feel which ensures that the design will not go out of style easily. White is also a common color choice if you are looking for ideas to decorate your small living room.


Red is a conspicuous color and is often associated with food.

Red color works well on storage compartments, kitchen cabinets and even on table seats. Certainly a modern kitchen island decor idea which appeals to homeowners who like vivid colors. Find seatings of similar shade of red to match the kitchen island to create a complementary feel.

Vintage Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an ideal way to decorate your kitchen especially when you have an open kitchen with a larger area.

You can have different types of looks and by going for a vintage kitchen island you are bringing in a traditional and conservative look to your kitchen.

Pay more attention to the way you are assembling the island and you have to be careful in the type of furniture you put in your kitchen island and the colours you use to bring in and conserve the traditional look you are creating for your kitchen island. The vintage design is also a great bar idea for the kitchen island if you intend to add a few bar stools beside it.

Marble Top and Wood

Wood and marble has for long been used on dining tables and seats.

If you are looking forward to making a luxurious kitchen island, then marble top and wood are an ideal alternative. Marble tops and wood works well with spacious kitchens.

Fan Shape

The shape of the kitchen island that you opt to install determines how easy it is to work around the kitchen and how much storage is available.

While rectangular designs are popular, fan-shaped island have a home-owners favorite. Fan-shaped kitchen islands are best suited for spacious kitchens as there is enough room to build the compartments.

This an excellent kitchen island with with seating as the fan shape unique angle allows your guests to see and talk to most of the other people while seated down.


A modern kitchen island idea gives the homeowner and guests the ultimate city like feel. A combination of glass and steel is the popular choice of materials for a modern and elegant feel.

The use of white as the base color for the cabinets is a common design idea as it can be paired with many other color and materials while still retaining the contemporary style.

Double Deck Kitchen Island

A double deck kitchen island is a better way of bringing in a good look to your kitchen.

For this you have to use the right type of materials and do not forget that the countertop idea that you use in your multi-deck kitchen island is going to play a dominant role in creating the right type of looks.

Focus on this vital point for the kitchen table to bring in the right look to your kitchen island so that it becomes the focus of your whole kitchen.

White Cabinetry With Granite Countertop

If you are seeking a kitchen island that offers both modern and practical benefits, consider a white cabinetry with granite top.

The white contemporary cabinet as shown in the kitchen island picture above, being a neutral color, is pleasant to the eyes while the granite island countertop offers heat resistance and beautiful finishing. In addition, due to its neutrality, this kitchen idea matches your living room if it has a grey color theme. 

Metallic With Cooking Element

There are several ways that this kitchen island could help decorate your new kitchen. First, a metallic top with a cooking element allows the island to be the focal point of the kitchen.

The nice shine from the metallic top would allow for a great reflection across the kitchen which makes it an awesome table idea for the kitchen island. It is also a an excellent cooking station as well.

White Cabinetry with Marble Countertop

A marble countertop evokes a strong sense of luxuriousness. The natural beauty of marble lets you express your taste for the refined. Its unique pattern means your kitchen top will stand out on its own.

Being heat and resistance, the marble material ensures you can prepare your hot meals on the countertop without worry of damage.


If you are the creative type, there are dictates as to which type of material you should use for your island. You can experiment with various designs and material and stick with what works for you.

A custom kitchen island idea will be the most suitable as you can incorporate your design inspiration into the setting and turn your idea into reality.

Décor At The Side Of The Kitchen Island

Having a section for decor on the side of the kitchen island is a very nice way to get creative with the decor for your kitchen.

Consider what you can do to spice up the side of the island, and therefore the kitchen. You can have a set of nice and elegant plates. Or, you could add a set of party style dishes that are easy to grab when others are over.

Another option is to install racks on the side to store your favorite bottles of wine, ready to grab as soon as dinner is served. This additional storage space makes it a great kitchen island idea for small kitchens.

Country Style

A country style theme can really make the rest of your kitchen soar with its unique design idea.

Consider having a wooden island with granite, while complementing your wood kitchen cabinet but make sure it is long and big to have that big country feel in your kitchen.

You can add a storage section on top of the countertop for your cutting board, knives, and other immediate cooking dishes. Be sure to showcase your cooking utensils on your island as country style is all about good home cooking!

Grey Themed Kitchen Island

A grey colored island can be a great way to go with a more modern look or even an older classical look.

You can also use the storage racks to showcase bright deep blue or red colored dishes, which would be a nice contrast to the grey.

The dishes would pop out in a positive light to the rest of the room with this special design idea for the kitchen island.

Bottom Line

The organization and the feel of your kitchen plays on well meals are prepared around the house. That is why you should make the place welcoming, spacious and easy to work around.

Relook through our list of kitchen layout with island ideas again to help you create the space and make your kitchen lively!