Most Cool and Awesome (2017) Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful pink teenage girls bedroom(updated in 2017) Finding the best teenage girl bedroom ideas is a task that that has several aspects to consider. Some teenage girls can be mindful and opinionated when decorating the area in their bedrooms as their rooms are not just a place in the house there they sleep.

On the contrary, the bedrooms are more than a place to spend the night in for the girls. It is their own universe where they can have total control and rule in.

With this in mind, if you are coming out with ideas for a teen girl’s bedroom, it is important to listen to her preference and wishes. This will help you to come out with the optimal room that she will love.

Teenage girls’ rooms ought to have a personalized touch to allow them to showcase their distinct personality. Here are several cool bedroom ideas for teenage girls from for you to explore before you come out with the final decorating idea. We hope these ideas and bedroom pictures can spark your creative juices.

Nature Inspired

Girl Teen's Room With Colored Wall

Having a cheerful nature inspired bedroom will make the girl lively and joyful.

Install a flower inspired ceiling lighting plus pastel green wall to form the background of the cool bedroom for the teenage girl.

Placing one or two potted indoor plants not only add to the realism but also helps to cleanse the air.

Light brown wooden flooring completes this room idea that is simple but homely.

White Out

A white theme is especially relevant if the teen likes to keep her living space spick and span. This is the perfect idea as it not only makes her room appear bigger, it also give her plenty of light and create a comfortable feel.

Make white tone the first choice for the room decor idea, whether you are selecting the color of the wall, furnishing and any other decorating items.

To break the monotony of just having one color, you can play around with certain aspect of the bedroom like the floor. Consider a slightly contrasting color like light or dark brown.

For a modern look, you can purchase some metallic accessories like a table lamp with metallic finishings or grey bedding to give the room a contemporary appearance.

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Oriental design is awesome if the teenage girl likes culture from the East. For instance, she has shown great interest in Korean dramas or the middle east. This can be a useful source of idea to inspire her bedroom decoration.

The key concept here is the furnishing. Firstly, search for bedframe designs that display strong influence from the source of the country. Paint the walls to match the bed set.

Make the interior design of her room colorful by adding bright and colorful drapes around the bed – this will add a touch of youthfulness to match her tween age. Include a luxurious ceiling lamp to complete the oriental look.

Booklover’s Haven

If the teenage girl loves reading more than anything else, a wonderful idea is to create a booklover’s paradise or haven right in the comfort of her bedroom.

Consider both the functionality and design of her room. Storage is of the utmost importance. There has to be sufficient bookshelves to showcase all the books she owns and has read. Extra space has to be provided for future books she want to purchase.

If her bedroom is small, you can opt for floor to ceiling bookshelves and incorporate a complementary ladder that matches the shelve design. If you are concerned about dust, add a transparent glass doors to the bookshelves to keep her books away from dust and moisture.


If your princess growing up into a queen? Perfect, then make for her a suitable Royal style bedroom.

Use noble colors like light blue and silver, some golden motives, and do not forget to add to it a big bed with luxurious looking bedframe, this will be the ultimate centerpiece of her room.

Cool and Funky Room

If your girl is someone who is creative, stands out from the rest when it comes to artistic expression, then this bedroom idea is the perfect answer. Note that it is not suitable for everyone with its expressive decor. One suitable room color combination is the use of white walls and dark colored bedding.

The distinctive object that is attention grabbing will be bright furniture like yellow furniture or hand made cute decorations like origami on the wall.

Remember that there has to be empty spaces for the teen girl to continually get creative inspiration!

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Classical, girlish and always up-to-date. An easy solution for giving an inspiring and fresh decor to a bedroom where a true lady lives.

Every teenager girl is absolutely individual and needs her own comfort zone, someone is more rebellious, someone prefers to remain girlish and transform slowly into a real lady, for the last ones, we can recommend a room in soft colours with a floral decorations on walls and accessories in the bedroom itself.

Day Dreaming Paradise

For some people, day dreaming is a useful escape from reality and research have shown that some day dreaming is helpful for mental health. So if she likes to day dream occasionally, why not create a bedroom that suit the way she feels?

For the interior design, think of a room that has a well mixed of pastel colored bedding set and a headboard. Mix it with mirrors and a nice table lamp. The mirrors are especially useful accessories cum decorating items to include for small room ideas.

The pastel paint color used for in the bedroom the are pleasing to the eye and helps the teenage girl’s brain to relax, allowing her to day dream in comfort while preparing for the next challenge ahead.

Animal Theme

If the girl has spend much of her younger years playing with animals like dogs and cats, then decorating her bedroom with animal prints is the perfect choice for the animal lover.

A cute teenage girl bedroom idea, the room will be extremely intriguing and unique as there are a multitude ways to furnish and decorate it. Choose from the various animal-themed rugs, wallpaper, stickers and textiles.

Another simple way is to add animal soft toys onto the shelves – this room decor allows flexibility as she can change the animal decoration easily.

With a room that captures her interest in animals, your tween girl will surely adore her room and enjoy the private time spent in there.

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Pink Perfection

Sometimes, coming out with the perfect teenage bedroom for her is as simple as selecting the right color and then building new ideas from there. Choose a color that she likes and work from there. For a one-of-a-kind room, we recommend pink as it is girly and yet special as a suitable room color for teenage girl.

Be imaginative in your various decoration combination. Have different shades of pink for different walls and ceiling. Even the curtain can complement the pink theme. For the bedding, use a different tone of pink. A color you can mix with is purple as these 2 colors complement each other.

Include a neutral color like white for some parts of the room like the false ceiling to break the dullness.

Pink theme is also a room idea that we have chosen as a recommendation for bedroom ideas for little girls.

Rock’ n Roll

Sometimes we see our small kids grow into rock’n roll fans, going to the concerts of the band we once loved and trying to make their own garage band, if your daughter is like this, then add some true rock spirit to her room.

For this, you can find beautiful posters of the rock legends as the room decor, or even invite a professional painter to put on the walls the portraits of Freddie Mercury, Mike Jagger, Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain – definitely a cool room idea for the teen!

Or consider adding some hand drawn chalk pictures of speakers and music notes for a cool black and white teen bedroom for her.


It’s might be shocking but sometimes teenagers prefer a minimalist bedroom, just the bed, a small wardrobe and a table for doing the homework.

Why? First of all, it’s easier to clean, secondly, it always leaves space for imagination and for some extra yoga lessons in a private atmosphere, which make this minimalist design among the most awesome and simple teenage girl bedroom ideas!

If you want some basic room decor, consider simple and easy room decorating ideas like framed pictures.

Street Art

It might sound scary, but a little graffiti never killed nobody.

Yes, graffiti on her walls as the bedroom design – make the walls of the bedroom of your teenager a place to express her creativity and thoughts, it can get very inspiring and develop the artistic skills of your teenager which are very important.

As well, the walls might be a good way to fight against the anxiety that a teenager might feel by expressing her thoughts on them. Make art, street-art for this unique and cool room idea.


If you are thinking of a teen bedroom makeover, why not be inspired by Jules Verne’s books?

Some girls want to become travellers and see all the world, and we are sure they will be the ones to adore a hammock in their room for the sunny summer days with a book and a fresh lemonade. As well, add a nice touch, like and old globe, it will help the teenager love geography and plan her future adventures around the world.

Another option, could be a big world map as the bedroom decorating idea, where the big adventures will be prepared, organized and turned to reality.

Girls grow up so fast, and one day we surprisingly understand that the beautiful pink room made for your little princess simply does not fit anymore the rebellious teenager that needs more intimacy and makes its first steps into the adulthood and real life. Small changes should not be punished but encouraged, and once the princess grew up.

We hope you enjoyed these cool and best room ideas complete with pictures; everyone is a true individualist, and teenager girls are not exceptions out of this rule!

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