Most Cool (2017) Game Room Ideas That You Can Follow

(updated in 2017) Coming out with game room ideas is becoming common as having this special recreation area in your home is a modern and popular trend. When you are planning to build a new house or going for extensive alterations or renovations in your existing home, you can create a video game room for your entertainment. In the present days, you tend to spend more time indoors and invite more friends and family to spend time at our homes. During these times having a separate, well designed, well equipped room with the right game room furniture and accessories will help in engaging people and enjoy their times well when they are with you in your home.

When you are thinking of how to make a gaming room, do not forget the fact that that this place is also an opportunity to express your personality and tell other what type of person you are and what you like more. Because of this reason, go for a setup ideas that are well provided well decorated game room that is surely going to be the center of attraction not only for your visitors and guests but also for your family members to spend time together.

At Homely Vista, we have some of the most cool themes and concepts that are going to inspire you to take your first step towards indulging in your own ultimate game room. Complete with pictures, whether you are seeking ideas for a small room, decorating ideas and colors for kids, teens or adults, or you are on a budget. Read on!

Ace The Space With Personalized Themes In Your Gamer Bedroom

A cool gaming bedroom idea in your home is to make the space more like a hideout dingy devoid of style and space for relaxation. With a little tweak though, you can turn your dull game room into everyone’s favorite space by incorporating attractive colors, some beach inspired installations and conspicuous accent lighting system.

For other gameroom accessory, you can also personalize the gaming room by incorporating family treasures and uniquely designed furniture where family members can interact while having fun at the same time. A gaming bedroom is also one of the best cool room decor ideas you can consider!

Mediterranean Style – Suitable Game Room Décor For Adults

If you are having a large area allocated to decorate the game room then you can plan an elaborate setup for it in a luxurious Mediterranean style with beige walls, and the floor made of hardwood material in a medium tone color and texture. To highlight the wall on the longer side go for a big wall mounted TV and place your billiards board at the center with unique classic hanging lights from the ceiling. For the game room furniture, go for high puffed arm chairs with the same color as the hardwood floor, or place leather finish high arm chairs to enhance the look and feeling of this area. Painted glass panes on the large windows and an opening to the garden will add that natural flavor to your game room.

If you have kids and teenage children, then you also should add some video game consoles and 3D Surround sound to get the necessary sound effects. By and large this will be your living room and you can have enjoyable times together during weekends or during special occasions that are going to fill your mind for years to come.

The Minimalist and Simple Approach – Suitable For Basement Or Limited Space Room

Flowing designs and listing furniture pieces do not always equate to the most comfortable gaming space. In fact, a minimalist approach in gaming areas which you can easily DIY such as a pool table or a dart board would offer you enough room to play in.

Rather than bringing in a whole sofa seat, you could opt for arm chairs for single seat plastic chairs. This is especially ideal for limited spaces and kids gaming areas. A minimalist design is also a highly recommended game room idea for basements or garage. Consider having a minimalist approach for the other parts of your home if there is space constraint, for example, if you are thinking of bathroom storage ideas for small spaces or small living room design ideas, then this fuss free design is most convenient and yet acceptable in modern homes.

Modern Game Room That is Cool Looking Suitable For Kids

Another modern design to create your gaming area as a recreational as well as a relaxing space on the top floor of your house. For this you may have to give a large open space as a single room. Here you can plan to have it in a contemporary style accommodating all the gaming consoles with ample space around them for enjoyable gaming experience.

This area can be used as a relaxation area with comfortable seating arrangement and with the latest wall mounted TV and Surround sound to make it your media and the best video game room also. Your kids, especially boys, will love the place as they can play and be together to have an enjoyable evenings and weekends that is sure to give more enjoyment. For more modern ideas, check out our contemporary bedroom images here.

Convert Your Living Room Into A Cool Gaming Room

If you are living in a farm house type house and want to have a room with little modifications to your existing home then it is better to DIY and convert your living room to act as your game room also. This is a cost effective room idea if you have a small budget and when this is done the right way it will have a very rich and sophisticated look to your whole house. This type of gaming setup idea will be good if you have an entrance to your garden and this will add more fresh air as well have a profound effect on your mind and body while spending your time in this type of living game room for recreation.

The best decor is white or light shaded colors for the walls contrasted by the dark textured hardwood floors. The highlight of this room is furniture which can be a wall mounted TV and the home theater console and hence pay attention to their appearance and placement. The pleasant light shaded floor rug and the heavy looking game room couch and seater with the matching foot stool cum teapoy will add to the look and feel of the amazing area. Add a game pool table if space allows to complete this amazing game room.

Rustic Game Room Idea

How would feel playing pool in the woods? Refreshing? Intimidating? Artistic? For many, an outdoor setup creates a whole new experience and fun. By installing a rustic design for your game area, you bring the above aspects indoors thus creating a cozy space and ultimately making great time a time to look forward to. The rustic design, which is a suitable men’s game room idea, can be mountain style, backyard patio, and even casual lake living. It can also be part of your consideration for man cave garage idea.

Mountain Style Game Room Bar

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then this place in your home will be of immense fun, pleasure and emotional relief. It’s for these key reasons why decorating the game room is important and it should be designed in an awesome manner. A good example of game room bar idea is to create in full mountain style. The room is spacious and is furnished with high stools as the key furniture.

For the game room wall décor consider having brick wall to bring out a rustic feel and you can consider having brick themed wallpaper if that is more convenient. are necessary for everyone to play and enjoy their activities of their choice. It is simply an awesome combination of the floor, walls and the ceiling.

Make Full Use Of Basement Space For A Small Game Room

When you have a small space for being converted to a game room, then you can go for this traditionally styled gaming space on the basement of your house. Here you will place only the necessary gaming equipment. Here in this image you will see that the entire room space has been fixed with corrugated metal sheets that adds both strength unique look and sturdiness your game room. A pool table will be a good accessory if space permits.

The Flashy Game Room

To decorate your game room in your home, a combination of bright neon lighting and plush seating can transform even the dullest room into a likeable aboard. Neon lights create an elegant and playful spirit and lead to an instant transformation of the playing and video game area. The neon lights serve to kill two birds with a single as they become focal points and also help create a point of authenticity.

Exotic design For a Unique Idea

You don’t have to stick to local designs only so as to make a game room great and ultimate. If you are the experimenting type, epic exotic designs come along as striking alternative to common designs. Popular exotic designs include the Moroccan and Egyptian style where upholstered walls are used to portray colorful desert topography that forms a great wall art as a beautiful background to your game room for the best recreation experience.

Transformational Focal Point

If you only have a limited space for dart board or pool table, then creating a focal point will help add some fun and a tinge of relaxation. So, how do create a visually interesting point that dominates other areas in the small game room?

What to put in this game room? Well, from the picture, one easily attractive option is to position an architectural feature or furniture that stands out in the room. Such decorations may include a centrally placed fireplace, a paint work, a dream view outdoor area or even a standout texture point. Alternatively, you can use a nice pattern that draws attention to a specific point such as the ceiling or a wall area.

Arcade Game Room For Your Children

If you have gamer kids who love to play more video games and arcade games you have to create your room with the right placement of the modern gaming consoles with all their accessories for comfortable enjoyment. As for the video game room décor, we recommend a contemporary design arcade theme that is fully functional simulator for enhanced level of enjoyment for your children and their friends who come to your house.

Thus, before starting your work on the gamer room ideas you have to do your home work and collect as much information as possible and study all possible layouts available both online and offline before finalizing the final floor plan. You must be very clear about what are the gaming activities you want in your new game room and what are all the things you want to have and prepare the layout accordingly.

It is always better to plan for your future and for this you must take into account the growing needs of your family and how the room you are going to build now has to accommodate new things in the near future when your kids are going to have their gaming items installed in this game room.

So, take everything into account and plan long term and when you do it, this cool room ideas for gamers will be the best part of your home for a very long time to come.

Coming Out With The Best Entertainment Center In Your Home

Game rooms have grown into an integral component of a household. Even then, many game rooms remain uninviting and unattended. But yours doesn’t have to as you can opt to implement the ideas above and convert the space into every family member’s fun haven and recreation hideout.

There are certainly different ways to make a gaming room enticing and overall attractive to your visitors, family and to you too.

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